SCOTUS Almost Supports Your Health Freedom


January 13, 2022 – The Supreme Court announced two contradictory decisions which both support freedom of choice and deny it.  In doing so the route is set toward the collapse of our government-controlled health care system. 

This analysis is confirmed by the Biden Regime’s announcement that more National Guard Troops are being assigned to hospitals, continuing the Federal Military take-over of hospital administration.

In the first decision, the OSHA case, the High Court held that the plaintiffs were likely to succeed at trial and overturned the emergency OSHA rule mandating vaccines or weekly testing (at the employee’s expense) for 84 million private employees. This is a significant victory for Health Freedom.

In the second case the government’s “interest” in controlling health care for which taxpayers pay was considered sufficient to allow the rule to proceed.  This means hundreds of thousands of health care workers must now choose between their job or the jab.  Many will prefer unemployment to the risks of the “vaccines” which are demonstratively the most dangerous “vaccines” ever forced on the public.

The Federal Regime’s decision to send more troops to hospitals must be seen in this context.  We must, indeed, prepare to an unprecedented collapse of the health care system just as the mounting “vaccine” adverse events clog the hospitals and escalate the death rate.

Only Truth will set us free.

2 thoughts on “SCOTUS Almost Supports Your Health Freedom

  1. I am surprised with the news – that talks about the OSHA win but ignores the health worker ruling. The average man on the street does not seem to have any idea of the impending loss of health workers combined with the increase in hospitalizations.

    1. Just another way for Liberals to our freedoms , like the Frog in the boiling water analogy. They have to take a step back but still get part of of their agenda. To destroy the working class and make us beholden to the government. Too much, Just think about it in light of the lockdowns and the destruction of the small businesses around the country.

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