Seven Questions for Jab Conscientious Objectors from the Federal Government

Here are the “Seven Questions” and possible answers.

Yes, these questions are a clear violation of the First Amendment which forbids the Federal Government from making “any law” that restricts religious beliefs, including, of course, questioning such beliefs.  The Constitution  further provides “…no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Article VI. Be that as it is, these questions reveal the strategy the Federal Authorities expect to use to deny accommodation of religous conscientious objections.

1. Please describe the nature of your objection to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.
“My sincerely held primary religious belief teaches me that I may not give informed consent as any vaccination is unacceptable and sinful.”
2. Would complying with the COVID-19 vaccination requirement substantially burden your religious exercise? If so, please explain how.
“If I were to comply with the requirement to receive the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), or any, inoculation I would forever be religiously polluted, unable thereafter to be in a state of religious grace.”
3. How long have you held the religious belief underlying your objection?
“I have held these religious views for as long as I can remember.”
4. Please describe whether, as an adult, you have received any vaccines against any other diseases (such as a flu vaccine or a tetanus vaccine) and, if so, what vaccine you most recently received and when, to the best of your recollection.
“I have not received any vaccinations since I have held these religious beliefs. Any childhood vaccines I received were without my informed consent.”
5. If you do not have a religious objection to the use of all vaccines, please explain why your objection is limited to particular vaccines.
“I have always objected to the receipt of any vaccine.”
6. If there are any other medicines or products that you do not use because of the religious belief underlying your objection, please identify them.
“I do not use any medicines or products that I find religiously objectionable.”
7. Please provide any additional information that you think may be helpful in reviewing your request.
“I demand reasonable accommodation of my religious conscientious objection and refusal to give informed consent. Requiring me to receive an EUA inoculation is not reasonable given my sincerely held primary religious belief in the sanctity of my body.”

From the guidance:

“Allowed Exceptions to Vaccine Mandate:  The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force said that there are two exceptions federal employees can pursue in order to skip the vaccine: medical conditions and religious exemptions.

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