Single Mom Required to Get Jab to Support Her Young Children –DEAD

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Thursday, 5-Aug-2021 21:34:09


Robin Spring Saunders employee of John Hopkins Hospital, passed away after receiving the second dose of the Vaccine

Anonymous reached out to us via DM to share that her co-worker’s childhood friend, Robin Spring Saunders, a new employee of John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD, was required to receive the COVID vaccine in order to commence her new position, or face losing employment. The vaccine is mandatory for all employees of John Hopkins Hospital. On June 21st, she received the first dose of the vaccine. A week later, after receiving the second dose on June 28th, following a severe reaction to the vaccine, she was admitted to the ICU with brain swelling and heart issues. Sadly, she passed away the following day. She leaves behind two young children.

My comment:
This is all too common across the nation and yet the social media and the liberal news media will not allow this information to be reported freely.
Another beautiful American mom has been murdered by those in power. She didn’t want to take the vax, but was forced to, so she could support her family. Those that forced her to get the vax are guilty of murder – from the hospital officials, the complicit news media, the drug companies and to the politicians in DC. All are guilty of MURDER in FORCING THOUSANDS of Americans to take the deadly inoculation. This is not an example of a free nation. This is not a defense of the Constitutional Republic. Instead, this is the killing off and diminution of the citizens which are slated to be replaced by an invasion of over 22 million foreigners and counting.
We are being replaced, and those that are replaced don’t complain – because the dead don’t talk. Who will speak for them?!? Americans will need to make a stand or else the overthrow and replacement of citizens will be all too easy and complete – in a matter of months. George Eaton

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