Super Patch: Blow-Your-Mind-Breakthrough in Drug-Free Wellbeing?

Blow Your Mind…

As you know, I have practiced drug-free medicine and psychiatry for 53 years and I know quite a bit about helping folks get well and stay that way without any pharmaceuticals. But when I was lecturing in Mexico this June, one of the exceptional people I met asked me if I knew about Super Patch technology.

I had no idea what she was talking about.

Well, I do now, and it may be one of the most revolutionary advances in wellbeing strategies in the history of medicine.

Now, that is a very strong claim, so give me just a few minutes of your time to explain why I would say that.

One of the great mysteries of science is how we know what we know, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, intuitively and physically.

If I write a number “8” on your skin when your eyes are closed, how does your brain figure out what it is? If I touch you kindly, how do you know my intention if you do not see or hear me? How do we feel pain and what determines how we respond to it? How do we differentiate between pain and pleasure and how do we know that we know anything at all?

Obviously, all experience either [1] originates in the body and is processed by the brain or [2] it originates in the brain and is processed by the brain, or [3] it originates outside the brain and is processed by the brain.

In other words, everything that happens to us, and its meaning, is processed through our Central Nervous System, so the better it is functioning, the better our function, at every level.

On a side note, I am convinced that Consciousness originates outside the brain and is then processed or transduced by the brain, but that is a different discussion.

The fact is, that each of us processes all of our information IN the brain and THROUGH the brain’s function.

In 2021, the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for their discoveries of thermal and mechanical transducers in the skin. These two scientists showed that touch and pressure and vibration and heat and cold sensitive receptors exist in our skin and these receptors signal the brain with information it needs to respond or protect or seek more or withdraw from the stimulation. These newly discovered pressure sensors “speak” to the brain, and it responds through the peripheral as well as the central nervous system, providing biofeedback. In fact, you might call this The Ultimate Biofeedback™.

OK, so what? Enter Jay Dhailawal, a software engineer and researcher who has been looking for a way to identify and work with the neural codes that tell us when we are well and cause the brain to alter things within us to help us get well and stay that way.

He and his team were engaged in a years’ long project to accomplish exactly that and find a way to deliver this communication in a way that is drug free, painless, convenient and safe.

Eventually, Jay and his team realized that by stimulating the skin anywhere on the body gently for a period of time, they could bring about measurable changes in the direction of homeostasis – on the body’s own terms. Homeostasis, also known as ‘health’ ‘wellness’ or ‘Wow! I feel fantastic!” is what we are after.

They invented a way to print very specific, tiny bumps on some easily used, non-irritating adhesive tape.  That was the easy part. Then they did the research to document that their neurological codes were able to give the brain the information it needs to enhance wellness and performance in myriad ways.

TH-DAH… They named it “Super Patch

They showed, for example, that known and verified markers of wellbeing and longevity like mobility, flexibility and balance could improve dramatically when people used their Liberty Super Patch. And the results can be immediate, as indicated by research MRI scans.

They showed that athletic performance in every one of the many areas studied often increased by around 18% after this technology was placed in contact with the skin. The patches appear to act as a type of biofeedback, communicating with the brain.

The researchers showed the patches appeared to help people move toward homeostasis rapidly for healthy REM sleep, for calmness, for stress relief, for attention enhancement and more, much, much more.

I was skeptical. It is my nature to be skeptical. It is my job to be skeptical and it is my training to be skeptical.

You should be skeptical.

How can a little bumpy QR code-like patch do anything and how can it do anything profound?

When you go to The Super Patch Shop you can read the research and look at the wide range of applications of this breakthrough technology.

I decided to see if using the patch called “Liberty” would increase the important measurement of how long I could stand on one foot without losing my balance as the inventor says it can.

Why is this important? Because according to a number of researchers, compromised balance is associated with increased mortality. “People aged between 51 and 75 were asked to stand on one leg for 10 seconds, with one foot touching the calf of the other leg – a bit like a flamingo. Those who couldn’t do this had a higher rate of dying during the next seven years than those who completed it: 17.5 per cent versus 4.6 per cent.” Does your ability to stand on one leg predict your risk of dying soon? | New Scientist.

Research shows improvement of grip strength, flexibility and balance. So I pulled one out of its package and put it on my leg.

Sure enough, my single leg standing time more than doubled. Suggestion? Placebo? Could be. This was not a double blind anything. But it sure got my attention.

Then a day or so later I woke up with something that I am not accustomed to joint pain. My hips were stiff, and they hurt.

GREAT! I thought. And I limped over to the box of patches to get out a Freedom patch. I stuck it on my arm, and within a minute I perceived that the pain was gone.

Again, this could be suggestion and it could be placebo effect. I make no claims. But I will tell you that today, when I was totally overwhelmed by the number of things that had to be dealt with all at once, and the call to the plumber for the failed water heater and, and, and.., I decided to try out the “stress” neural code and pulled out a Peace patch.

Son of a gun! Using it was associated with an easy, gentle calming – no drugs, no nutrients, just a stimulation of the skin that is so subtle that I cannot even feel it.

About 24 hours after applying the patch, it peels off on its own (you can swim and shower and do anything else you want with it on. by the way.)

I have given it to people that I know who have challenges and each of them says that it has helped.

I make no claims. I do tell you that stimulating the body’s inherent neural codes for retrieving or maintaining wellbeing with a piece of non-irritating surgical tape 3-D printed with a swirl of bumps appears associated with good things happening (or bad things not happening) is a major, world-changing breakthrough in communicating with your neural system. This is biofeedback at its best.

And I am grateful to my friend Claire, whom I met on the hot, steamy, sticky and all together physically challenging Yucatan Peninsula for pointing me to a major step forward in drug free wellness and comfort.

Here is the website: Super Patch Shop:

Check it out. Be skeptical. Be bold and experiment. There is a 30-day guarantee so if you are among the small percentage of people for whom this is not a helpful option, you have lost nothing.

I would love, absolutely adore, hearing about your experience, whether good or not, with this new and harmless technology.

Write to me at

Full disclosure: when you buy this product, or someone you tell about the patch, you are supporting our health freedom work because we get a small commission.

You are making it possible for Natural Solutions Foundation to lead the fight to get out of WHO and the UN. You are helping us win the war at the same time you are seeking to enhance your own wellbeing.

Sounds like a win/win to me.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any medical or psychological condition, or to support or sustain human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for self-education purposes only.

4 thoughts on “Super Patch: Blow-Your-Mind-Breakthrough in Drug-Free Wellbeing?

  1. I received an email asking what the ingredients of the Super Patches are. My reply:

    “The patches are simply bandaging (meeting FDA standards for such) with a series of coded ‘bumps’ that are believed to communicate (via the newly discovered receptors on the skin) with the brain.

    Like many alternative approaches, Dr. Rima cannot say what anyone will experience. If you try the patches we’d love to hear back about your experiences. The company does not yet appear to have a variety pack.”

  2. Thank you for sharing about the super patch. I just ordered several and I cannot wait to try them on my tired practitioner Body, on my Father who has Parkinson’s and dementia and my anxious Mother who has care giver fatigue.

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