Supplements Can Help Optimize Blood Sugar Metabolism

Supplements Can Help Optimize Blood Sugar Metabolism

Approximately 110 million Americans have elevated blood sugar issues. That means that least one in every three people could benefit from better regulation of blood sugar, and metabolic blood sugar support is a great way to achieve that for many people.

For many with a blood sugar issue, low-carb diets can be helpful when followed as a lifestyle option. In fact, a 2018 review published in the journal PLoS One made it clear that a low carb diet is highly recommended for patients with glucose metabolism issues.

A low carb diet has long been known as a manageable way to help patients lose weight and maintain normal body weight. Weight management at a normal body weight helps normalize blood sugar levels. While many worry about cravings, the general experience is that low-carb diets, carefully adhered to, support appetite control in as little as seven days.

Dietary supplements can be helpful in maintaining healthy glucose levels. These 5 form the basis of a strong program for most people with blood sugar issues:

1. A multivitamin and mineral
2. High quality fish oil
3. Fiber
4. Probiotics
5. Combination product specifically for blood sugar support

For special problems or issues, additional supplements may be required based on each person’s needs.

Other nutrients can help as well since we know that magnesium, zinc, chromium, and omega-3 fatty acids are all needed for healthy insulin function and glucose metabolism.

In fact, people with elevated blood sugar often have deficiencies in one or more of these nutrients, each of which plays a role in the biochemistry and physiology of healthy blood sugar regulation.

Special formulations intended to provide blood sugar support contain these and other foundational nutrients for supporting healthy glucose metabolism. Herbs, too, have a role to play in this area as do some of the botanicals which we know support healthy pancreatic function.  Some botanicals have been shown to support healthy pancreatic function include American Ginseng, milk thistle and berberine.

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