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Introducing Dr. Rima’s
Wellevate Dispensary

Following your health plan has never been easier!
Or Use This Direct Link:  https://wellevate.me/rima-laibow

Quality brands you can trust that Dr. Rima Recommends. The products Rima Laibow wants just for you. Easy shopping. Auto-refill. A new practitioner connection experience. Another way Wellevate makes it easier for you, while you support Natural Solutions Foundation.



for the free Wellevate App

For a great example of what you can achieve with Wellevate, here is Dr. Rima’ Chelation Protocol, with her video explaining how to have a healthy, youthful heart:  http://drrimatruthreports.com/dr-rimas-chelation-protocol/

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Further information:

PS — Because your supplements need to be both high quality and affordable we’ve teamed up with Wellevate.me to bring you the supplements and nutrients that I recommend for my patients at a discount.

Wellevate’s parent company, EmersonEcologics, has been my nutrient supplier for decades. They sell only to doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals.

Over the years I have been very pleased with their outstanding quality and great customer service. So when they offered me the opportunity to set up a private dispensary for our health freedom supporters, I jumped at it.

Setting up a Wellevate.me account is easy: watch this little video that Counsel Ralph made to see just how easy:   https://youtu.be/a-XZK85wOCY

Here is what you will see once you sign up:

Once you have your account, you’ll be able to explore the amazing diversity of products there, all available to you only through my private dispensary at https://wellevate.me/rima-laibow. Every product is discounted for our supporters!

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