Teacher Catches Kids Reacting to News of Mask Liberation

‘Kids at a Las Vegas elementary school burst out into cheers after learning they no longer have to wear a mask to school… ‘

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) An elementary school teacher from Las Vegas recorded her students reaction to the final end to the state’s tyrannical mask mandates, the Liberty Daily reported.

The five-year-old children cheered wildly and smiled upon being freed after two years of forced masking, which has had obviously devastating effects on the children.

“Stop what you’re doing and watch this,” she wrote.

The children, who are incapable of spreading the Coronavirus yet have been forced to piously wear masks for most of their lives, ran about wildly, throwing things and screaming.

They have spent nearly half of their lives obeying the dictates of Dr. Anthony Fauci and his squad of bureaucratic safety experts.

The risks posed to children by the Coronavirus are infinitely small, yet boomer politicians grasping to life as long as possible at the expense of the young have determined that they can justify any political decision in the name of saving even one life.

Further, it has long been known that masks cannot slow the spread of a virus due to the microscopic size of viruses themselves.

Instead, masks have become a symbol of religious piety, an outward sign that one opposes former President Donald Trump, as well as normal human interaction.

As elections approach, blue state leaders have determined that now is the appropriate time to begin releasing American citizens from the bonds of masking.

With the 2022 midterms quickly approaching, they have removed many of the most deeply unpopular mandates.

Source:  headlineusa.com/teacher-catches-kids-reacting-to-news-of-mask-liberation/?utm_source=HUSAemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HUSAemail

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