The Plot Thickens: Who Weaponized the Chinese Coronavirus?

Who (WHO?) Weaponized the Chinese Coronavirus? The Plot Thickens.
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By Ralph Fucetola JD 

While doing my Saturday chores, the car radio news and my cell phone were both a-buzz about the Coronavirus outbreak in China. Over a couple of hours the claimed death toll rose an astonishing 14% (from 259 to 296) while those infected shot up to over twelve thousand. By the time I finished driving, the “novel” coronavirus outbreak involved all of China (and Tibet), the US and dozens of other countries.

The first rule of the Controllers, of course, is to never miss an opportunity to take control of information and thought – whether you have created that opportunity or not. So, while the death toll climbed, it climbed even more rapidly OUTSIDE China than in it according to the Lancet [3].

The W3TCS (World Wide Web Thought Control System) went into hyper-drive.

News reporting accurately on the troubling realities surrounding this supposedly “novel” coronavirus received heavy and immediate censorship. For example, Twitter banned Zero Hedge, a libertainian economics news aggregation site, Twitter for tweeting the name and location of a Chinese scientist who was allegedly involved in manipulation of the Coronavirus genome. [1]

The US government owns a patent on coronavirus. Yes, the US government.

Despite the fact that a random snake-selling wet market in Wuhan is blamed for the virus, the US government seems to have far more to do with it. In an earlier OST article, I discussed the 2007 US patent regarding coronaviruses and vaccines. [2].

The fact that the US government holds a patent on this virus class suggests that it is somehow connected directly to China. This, predictably, has created myriad rumors. One significant rumor links the outbreak to a bioweapon attack on China engineered “Gates Foundation [which] brought together ’15 leaders of business, government, and public health’ to simulate a scenario in which a coronavirus pandemic was ravaging the planet.” [11]. Another says that the coronavirus outbreak, previously primarily centered in the central China city of Wuhan, is a just a false flag feint — meant to take attention away from another threat to the health of Wuhan citizens. Wuhan, says the story, is the first Chinese city to be fully 5G (an advanced wireless system held to be a risky technology by its critics).

I fear the truth may be quite sinister.

HIV inserted into Coronavirus

Coronaviruses are plentiful and we know a good deal about them.  They share many genetic characteristics with each other so we know, for example, that SARS and the Wuhan virus are very closely related.  But coronaviruses do not share genetic sequences with HIV viruses.  At least, not until now.

A group of independent scientists in a paper which has been suddenly withdrawn from publication, [3] have identified 4 inclusions from the HIV-1 virus in the genetic make-up of this “novel” virus.

The scientists state that the inclusion is unique to this coronavirus and point out that their arrangement allows them to function as a binding site.

I find the fact that the paper was suddenly withdrawn highly concerning.

They also pointed out that the likelihood of such an inclusion pattern is “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature”.

Indirectly supporting this frightening possibility is the fact that Chinese Coronavirus patients treated with HIV medications apparently respond to that treatment.

Understandable, of course, there has been a good deal of internet frenzy over the past few days. Some of it, of course, is probably the work of the Controllers.

Sorting it out requires a clear head and a skeptical eye. Natural Solutions Foundation’s Founding President, Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III (General Bert), who taught us to aggregate the data points and remain open-minded, following the data wherever it leads, not just where we want it to lead.

Item: Canada may be a major player in the weaponization of the Coronavirus.

“Coronavirus Contains HIV Insertions Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon [4]

“The theory is that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan.” [5] This may tie into the removal of a Chinese virologist, Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and an unknown number of Chinese students from the only Level 4 lab in Canada. Their security access was revoked after the RCMP concluded that they may have been providing viruses to the Chinese government.

Qiu’s primary field is immunology. Her research focuses on vaccine development, post-exposure therapeutics and rapid diagnostics of viruses like Ebola. Her husband works at the lab as a biologist. He has published research papers on HIV infections, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), E. coli infections and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome. [6]

Item: “New Coronavirus in China Is Treated with HIV Meds”

“Health officials in China are including two HIV meds as treatment for pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, reports Bloomberg News. On January 26, China’s National Health Commission (Beijing) recommends the HIV drug Kaletra, manufactured by AbbVie, and also marketed as “Aluvia.” [7], further recommending that although “there is no effective anti-virus medicine but suggested taking two lopinavir/ritonavir pills and inhaling a dose of nebulized alpha-interferon twice a day.”[8]

We  at the Natural Solutions Foundation have been warned for decades that it is inevitable that humanity will suffer a global pandemic far worse than the 1919 Influenza Pandemic that started at the end of World War One and killed more people than the ‘Great War to End Wars’ came close to killing — between 50 and a hundred million. [9]

Looking into the epidemic history of the past several millennia in Eurasia, it appears that a world plague has struck on average every half millennium. Seven hundred years ago it was the Black Death or Bubonic Plague. Starting in 1346 CE, it may have killed a third of the population of Europe. About 500 years before that, the Plague of Justinian (541 CE) killed 40% of Eurasia’s population and before that, the Antonine Plague killed 30% of Eurasia around 165 CE.

Are we facing an unfortunate, but predictable repeat or something more sinister?

In either event, organisms that cause disease can only do so if the immune system of the potential host allows them to. Immune support is crucial to resisting any plague and this one is no different.

Is the ‘novel’ Chinese Coronavirus, able to spread quickly through casual human contact, before symptoms are apparent, destined to spread across the world, striking down vast numbers of heavily vaccinated and toxified, and thus, immunologically vulnerable people — literally flown from city to city by modern transportation?

Have human beings working in labs around the world transformed an ordinary no-to-low-threat virus into a potential plague?

Do the data points suggest that we will see two stages of infection: an very easily transmitted acute pneumonia stage with a 2 or 3% mortality rate, and a chronic state more like HIV infection with a much higher, but long-term, death rate?

Is the Chinese Coronavirus a weaponized virus?  Who weaponized it? WHO? Stay tuned.  We are watching, gathering data and analyzing it here at Open Source Truth. It is possible that we may know over the next few weeks.

As we await history’s verdict, and you think about your own safety and that of your family, however, consider this comment from Natural Solutions Foundation’s Medical Director, Rima E. Laibow, MD:

“SARS and MERS are also coronaviruses. My understanding that such viruses are very easy to weaponize. General Bert warned us years ago about the weaponization of influenza-like  and other viruses to further the globalist depopulation agenda. World Health Organization has already declared this outbreak to be a World Health Emergency, giving WHO near total control of the planet.

This is, of course, completely unnecessary, since you have powerful support that natural solutions provide for your immune system.”


[11] “On October 18th the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, brought together “15 leaders of business, government, and public health” to simulate a scenario in which a coronavirus pandemic was ravaging the planet.  Major participants were American military leadership, and certain neocon political figures. …The Chinese were not invited. This is unusual, as almost all the major viral outbreaks for the last decade occurred inside of China and Africa. … The members took notes, and then returned to their day to day operations… The very next day… 300 US military personnel arrived in Wuhan for the Military World Games on October 19. … The first coronavirus case appeared two weeks later, on November 2. … Keep in mind that the Coronavirus incubation period is 14 days. So, fourteen days later… The first occurrences in December appeared.”

One thought on “The Plot Thickens: Who Weaponized the Chinese Coronavirus?

  1. “But coronaviruses do not share genetic sequences with HIV viruses”

    I think this may be incorrect.
    “Sources checking whether it was true that HIV and coronavirus have similarities found that while these sequences do pop up in HIV, they ALSO pop up in so many other viruses. There’s absolutely NO EVIDENCE that they are immediately suspect or that they were somehow genetically spliced in by the lab in China which is the implication. One out of four sequences is indeed found in both Wuhan coronavirus and HIV. The same sequence also appears in a virus that infects Streptococcus (spherical bacteria), which is of a rat virus in origin. They also appear in what is known as an “acute bee paralysis virus.”

    Of course this does not mean it did not escape from some bio weapons labs in Wuhan but these four inserts dont mean they did.

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