Time from Vaccination to Onset of Adverse Reactions

by Craig Paardekooper

Immediacy of Severe Reactions

In Febuary of 2021 I looked at 456 deaths that were recorded in VAERS up to that time. It was claimed that these deaths were of very old people who were nearing the end of their lifespan anyway, and consequently that their death had nothing to do with the vaccination they received. If their deaths are completely unrelated to the vaccine then the date of their deaths should be randomly distributed relative to the date of the vaccination. There should be no clustering of death date around the date of the vaccination. So I took a look at the data to see if this was the case…

I published my findings in a document called – Lethal Injection. Here is a graph from that document showing the distribution of deaths following vaccination –

Are some batches more toxic than others?



  • 127 people died within 24 hours
  • 49 people died after 2 days
  • 39 people died after 3 days
  • 29 people died after 4 days
  • 24 people died after 5 days
  • 19 people died after 6 days
  • 16 people died after 7 days
  • 13 people died after 8 days
  • 12 people died after 9 days



This distribution of deaths is strongly clustered around the vaccination date, showing that the vaccine was a strong contributing cause to their death. A very high proportion of the death occurs the same day as the vaccination. In fact many died within 2 hours of the vaccine being administered !


What About the Onset of Symptoms that led to death?

456 people died, but their death was preceded by symptoms. People never die without symptoms, since there must be some organ failure or damage to produce death. When we look at the date of onset of symptoms, we find that there is an even stronger clustering around the date of vaccination. In 194 cases out of 457, the symptoms that led to death began within 24 hours of the vaccination.

It would have been obvious to the victim that their symptoms and illness began simultaneously with the vaccination, and hence the vaccine was responsible.


Are some batches more toxic than others?


What was the cause of their death?

I looked at the patient records for each of the 127 people who died with 24 hours, to find out what they had died from. I gathered together these patient records into the appendix of Lethal Injection. You can read them for yourself. I was surprised that the vast majority died of heart attack.

Pfizer Leak : A document, pryed out of Pfizer using a Freedom of Information Request, describes 1209 serious cardiac events between December 1st 2020 and Feb 28th 2021. Here is the report. In the image below, Pfizer admits that these events occurred up to 21 days after the vaccination, BUT THE MEDIAN is less than 24 hours ! I am just going to repeat that – the MEDIAN is under 24 hours – so most of the adverse reactions followed the vaccinations almost immediately – in many cases the onset of the symptoms leading to their death or disability were apparent within hours, and the fatal or disabling outcome manifest within a single day. It must have seemed obvious to the victims, and to their relatives that the vaccine was the most likely cause. See – Pfizer Leak – see p 16.

In the light of this information, derived from both VAERS and directly from Pfizer, it is confirmed that most of the adverse events occur within 24 hours of vaccination.


Are some batches more toxic than others?


Pfizer’s leaked document – what it reveals

Between the 1st of December 2020 and the 28th Febuary 2021, 42,086 reports of adverse reactions were received by Pfizer. Pfizer published the results of these reports in April 2021 – Pfizer Report – see p 16 On page 16, Pfizer lays out a table of the major adverse effects and their time of onset. I invite you to read it for yourself. It may shock you.


Adverse Effect Number of cases % of all cases Median time till onset
Heart Attack 1406 3.30% < 24 hours
Haemorrhage 932 2.20% 1 day
Facial Paralysis 449 1.07% 2 days
Auto-immune illness 1050 2.50% < 24 hours
Arthritis 3600 8.50% 1 day
Convulsions, tremors, seizures 501 1.20% 1 day
Herpes 8152 19.40% 1 day
Blood Clots 151 0.30% 4 days
Stroke 275 0.60% 2 days


These illnesses were breaking out in tens of thousands of people within 24 hours of vaccination. The effects were immediate. It was obvious to the victims and to their families that the vaccines were the cause.


Before and After

Such a striking association in time between the vaccine and associated death or disability should surely have occasioned an investigation, or even a halt of the vaccination roll-out until the issue was solved. But nothing has been investigated, and the roll out has not faltered.

No matter what the explanation is for this association – we must remember that in more than half of the reported events, the severe effect did occur within 24 hours – and stood out because these effects were absent prior to the vaccination. “Onset” is as the word says – “the beginning” of an illness. It wasn’t there before. (I think people would have noticed if they had haemorrhages, heart attacks or facial paralysis before the vaccination.)


People Can See the Connection

When people die or become disabled within 24 hours of vaccination, their families notice. The onset of the symptoms leading to their death is often immediate. Common sense tells them there is a connection. They know.

The testimonies of these people is further evidence of the connection between the vaccines and adverse effects.

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Source:  howbadismybatch.com/time.html

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