Twitter users in tailspin as Quebec enacts tyrannical order for unvaccinated

Canada has taken yet another step toward authoritarianism by banning unvaccinated citizens from entering stores and other establishments without first showing proof of vaccination and a government-issued ID card.

Canadians have been informed that only fully vaccinated individuals may enter stores such as IKEA, Walmart, Costco or any other large retailer, according to CBC News.

The ministerial decree covers stores which are 16,146 square feet or larger, and excludes grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. The government also insisted that this rule is only aimed at encouraging more people to get vaccinated.

Authorities in Quebec instituted further rules for the unvaccinated, ruling that they cannot enter any store unless they are chaperoned by a “health warden” who will follow them around and make sure they only purchase items such as food, medicine and other government-approved products.

Conservative philosopher Dr. Jordan B. Peterson was shocked by the totalitarian nature of this “health warden” rule.

Not everyone in Canada is meekly accepting this new autocratic COVID policy.

According to CBC News, some store owners are frustrated by these new rules and they are not happy to be the ones to enforce the new rules.

Patrick Delisle, the head of marketing for the Quebec hardware chain Canac said that he is not inclined to enforce these rules on his customers.

“We’re not going to ask someone who’s dealing with water damage [in their home] if they’re vaccinated or not,” he told the CBC. “It’s really frustrating to have to manage clients living situations like that … it’s not our job.”

Some store owners are also afraid that they will lose customers to establishments that aren’t covered by the new rules.

“What scares us is that instead of lining up, people will go shop somewhere else,” said Simon Gagnon, owner of a Sports Experts franchise in Sherbrooke.

Gagnon added that the government is creating unfair competition between the larger stores and smaller ones.

Delisle also pointed out that his customers are angrier now than they have been through the whole pandemic.

This is yet another step toward tyranny using the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to justify increased government control over the lives of everyday citizens.

The tyranny is outrageous. The Canadian government is drawing up lists of products that some citizens will be “allowed” to buy while others are limited to just basic staples because they aren’t vaccinated. Meanwhile, the government is placing stark controls on some businesses while allowing others to go unregulated, setting up unfair business practices. And all to satisfy the leftist desire to control the population over COVID mitigation.

These officials claim to be “following the science,” but how they think “science” would prove that the virus doesn’t enter a small business but does infest a big box store is anyone’s guess.

Canada is supposed to be a leading Western nation based on democratic principles. But clearly, Canada’s system of checks and balances has failed to protect its people. If these policies continue, how long before American leftists begin pushing to copy these outrageous policies?

Already, some left-wing states are seeking to put in place vaccine passports that would be required to allow people to move freely about the country. Some are suggesting using Big Tech to control us by requiring Americans to carry these passports on their cell phones.


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