Two Jab Cases Heading to SCOTUS


There are two important COVID Jab cases heading to the US Supreme Court right now.  When the October Term begins in a few weeks these cases need to have been already filed.  One of the cases is imaged above. The other is linked below.

The first case is about protecting the Unvaxxed (“The Control Group” case) from contamination by the Vaxxed.  The other case is about voiding the Emergency Use Authorizations for various good reasons (“The Frontline Doctors” Case).

We need your immediate help funding these cases.  The next few weeks will make or break these opportunities to stop the Scamdemic.  Donate here now:

You can read more about the Frontline Doctors Case here:

The documentation for the Control Group Case is being worked on as I write.  I can share just the first few paragraphs of the draft with you:


The district court dismissed this scientifically vetted national security case on standing grounds by disregarding the most important allegations in the verified complaint that did establish standing.

Petitioners (“Healthiest Americans”) are in the fully unvaccinated scientific control group, statistically the healthiest citizens by >1,000%.

America’s confirmed national data show more than half of vaccinated citizens are disabled and dying prematurely (i.e., heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders). Control groups prove causation, and routinely change our entire perspective of pharmaceutical side effects. This case advocates for the control group’s right to exist and not go extinct.

. . . In 2021, the government administers more than 100 vaccines on an American during his lifetime. Increasing vaccine injury rates prove the trajectory that America’s collapse to chronic illness is mathematically imminent unless we learn. The government acknowledges that zero unvaccinated control group studies have ever been published by the government.

In this regard, since 1963, the national vaccine program is the President’s human medical experiment. POTUS vigorously develops, approves, purchases, promotes, and administers mandatory vaccines while federally funding US parties to enforce nationwide vaccine mandates (and now vaccine identification) as a condition to societal participation.

Government data prove sanitation and healthy lifestyle, not vaccines, protect all Americans. The fully unvaccinated control group is thriving mentally and physically at >95% complete health for life, but these citizens are less than 0.3% of our population and shrinking (only about 830,000 remain unexposed). The President’s warp speed vaccination and tracking program currently threatens the control group’s right to exist in America. Thus, the district court denied the scientific method.

We have been asked to submit an Amicus Brief to support the Petition.  We need your help now.

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