UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID)

UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID) Gives
Unconditional Support to their Friends in Ireland

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This message sent to Open Source Truth from our friends at AHVID:

The #parentpower hashtag can be used whenever sharing important information about the HPV vaccine controversy from any country and by any organization/individual. If we all do this, soon #parentpower will become an international sign of solidarity for everyone battling to shine a light on the truth about HPV vaccines. “

The power of parents who have no choice but to fight for the return of their child’s former health after the right to informed consent has been ignored and tragedy struck is something no force on earth has the power to defeat. We know that the law and the science are settled: all vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

Judging by the outrageous conduct of Irish health authorities when confronted with the efforts of these parents – this strength and determination is the one thing they fear most.  For one outrageous  example, the Health officials in Ireland and Media are falsely advising parents that there are NO long-term HPV Vax Side Effects and labeling all those suffering side effects as “FAKE” news and their parents are “EMOTIONAL TERRORISTS and SCAREMONGERS.”

This cruel and false behavior cannot and never will be condoned. We join the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID) giving unconditional support to the parents in Ireland and asks that anyone with concerns about the risk/benefit profile of #HPVvaccines consider the following :

PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for the parents in Ireland and every other country where HPV vaccines are used by making #parentpower an international sign of solidarity . Let every Irish parent with their back against the wall of silence shrouding the truth about HPV vaccines know you stand beside them and support their efforts to uncover the truth.

Natural Solutions Foundation notes that, although it is required by law in the US that all vaccines be demonstrated scientifically to be safe and effective, no such proof exists for any vaccines. Those who question the safety of vaccination in children are urged to visit to demand a 5 year moratorium on all childhood vaccines.

There are legal methods available in 126 countries to refuse vaccinations under the provisions of the right of Informed Consent. Parents and others who do not want vaccinations can assert that right through the use of an Advance Vaccine Directive, a type of legally binding Living Will. Find out how to assert your right of Informed Consent for yourself and your children here,

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