Unmasked Crusaders Livestream Archive



Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph held an

Hour-Long YouTube Livestream Discussion
Saturday, September 26, 2020

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One thought on “Unmasked Crusaders Livestream Archive

  1. I went in Menards here in Indiana an showed card they refused my no Mask Card . I told him they could be sued for that an a Supreme Court Ruling no effect .
    They don’t care about a Law that protects you . They just refuse serve you in there stores regardless of Laws or truth . It’s there political stand . One guy told me in parking lot he ether fainted or almost did in there an hated the store to but his employer forced him go there .
    I guess my question is can we do anything under the ADA or anyway we can stop these stores . I doubt any layers care most are liberals to . Our governor here post be a Republican but he’s part the deep state to . There never going let this go . I’ve also see a lady that was exposing Dr. Fucci that said the virus is already in you ( think if had flu ) an the mask will activate it an knocks your oxygen level down to 20% also mask don’t work ether .
    Tell me if you know any lawyers suing . I’ve never liked Menards there’s a bad spirit there . I also think when I go Dr. Office same thing will happen an just be refused service if don’t ware . Last time I went they had the drinking fountain shut off can you believe that over the virus an I was feeling dehydrated there crazy. These business need sued an stood up to . Tell me your take on . Thanks Rc

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