Lost Arts Radio Show #301 – Special Guest Celeste Solum

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Updates On The Agenda: A FEMA Insider’s Report On What’s Ahead – With Celeste Solum

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 9/27/20

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Celeste Solum

Former FEMA insider Celeste Solum (www.celestialreport.com) returns to Lost Arts Radio this Sunday, to bring us up-to-date on developments as we watch the fake pandemic and paid riots do their intended damage all around the world. Dr. Boyle and others have explained in detail how “the virus” was created in a U.S. bioweapons lab in North Carolina, and then was shipped to the bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China to be finished and released on the public. This happened shortly after “Event 201” examined what would happen in the event of a surprise pandemic that they “imagined” might be caused by a deadly Coronavirus. What an incredible coincidence.

Since that time, it is now known that the patented, engineered virus is not nearly as dangerous as the flu, yet the unalienable freedoms of people around the world have been suspended or canceled as the lockdown of societies continues to grow more severe. Now in Australia, a new level of authorized police crime against citizens is being demonstrated as a pregnant woman is arrested in her house for a Facebook post about an anti-lockdown rally, and many other citizens are harassed, arrested and beaten for not happily and quietly going along with the agenda of destroying their lives.

Air travel, in addition to getting prohibitively expensive, is getting extremely unpleasant, as parents are ejected from boarding airplanes and banned from traveling for not being able to keep a breath restriction device (aka “face diaper”) on their babies, who are smart enough to scream in protest. It has been clearly demonstrated that masks do not stop viral transmission (though that is not a big problem with this virus, given the real death numbers) and are very harmful to the health of anyone wearing them, preventing adequate oxygen and CO2 flow and damaging the immune system function.

Many observers have commented that a fabricated “second wave,” planned for the northern hemisphere winter “flu season,” will be brought about partly by the damage being done to kids forced to wear masks at younger and younger ages. Bill Gates has joyfully brought up another possibility on television, that another actual pandemic is coming soon, and will probably be caused by a bioweapon, of which there are no doubt plenty of truly lethal ones to choose from, thanks to our tax dollars funding the necessary development. We are all being trained to obey illogical and ridiculous, counterproductive orders, getting ready for what medical authorities plan will be universal forced vaccination (some still actually believing this barbaric practice prevents diseases), likely to kill and maim millions worldwide.

So many elements of the Agenda are expected to be accomplished by the fake pandemic as it intensifies, that the global rulers and their minions like Bill Gates seem excited at the great prospects for universal sickness and death, total surveillance and control, the end of cash and of all vestiges of freedom. Celeste Solum (see her articles at www.shepherdsheart.life) with her exceptional ability to translate agency documents into normal English we can understand, will be here to give us a glimpse of what is planned for us, and how we can best use the diminishing window of time that remains to slow down or stop and reverse the plans to march us directly into a new Dark Age, something we can all agree needs to be prevented, so it’s up to us to do what we can to help see these crimes against humanity do not go much farther.

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