Vaccine Mandates Around the World – A Marketing Strategy That’s Working

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Written by Bernie Smith


The pharma train is on course to get vaccinations mandated all around the world. California was first, with Australia not far behind. Many US states and European countries have followed suit.

I have been following the way these mandates get pushed in Australia. The way they get public opinion on their side. They start a fear campaign and a smear campaign against anti-vaxxers. This is almost identical everywhere. The word anti-vaxxer in itself is a derogatory term that is not representing the well researched, smart and highly educated parents that are making up large portions of this group. Yet this is the term used in the media to make this group of people look like the crazy, organic food loving hippies that the media likes to portray them to be.

The way the media reports on these vaccine laws seems to be similar as well. As was seen when France and Italy mandated vaccines for children last year. The media reports about the mandates. They report about the “dangers” of vaccines. But once the law is passed or is about to be passed and people object, the media stays silent. The media attention is nothing compared to the attention the initial law got. Even when millions take to the street to show their disdain for the new law. The mainstream media blackout is there to not report on it.

These tactics are nothing new. And lately, I have been seeing these tactics rolled out in my birth country, The Netherlands. It started with commercials on TV. Normalizing vaccines and vaccinations. Brainwashing people into believing it is something good. An example of this was charities like UNICEF running commercials, selling vaccinations for the poor in Africa. Trying to sell vaccines as the great Christmas present. But do we hear about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in conjunction with UNICEF killing and maiming thousands of children in India? We never hear that. Even when a large charity like the Gates Foundation is found to have used bad vaccines. Which weren’t tested, but used on a poor and unaware population. We never hear about it. The Gates Foundation being kicked out of India and never allowed back in because of this is apparently not news. It isn’t part of the narrative that is supposed to be pushed. So we don’t see it. We don’t hear it. As far as most people know it doesn’t exist.

The media will use the death of a child, which might have been preventable, as a story to push vaccines. New ones to add to the schedule and mandates for all. They will use these cases of horrendous drama for a family as propaganda material to push through their vaccination policies. In Australia, they have used these families as the face of why vaccines need to be mandated. Giving government support to their charities and vaccination push. While actively and purposely ignoring families that have had debilitating damage.

In Australia, the laws were brought in by the media. Australia’s media landscape is dominated by Newscorp. A company owned by Rupert Murdoch. One of the world’s largest media owners. Controlling large media brands like FOX, SKY News, and the Wall Street Journal. To name a few. In Australia Murdoch’s News Corp owns around 85% of all printed, radio and television media. As well as part of AAP which is the supplier of news to the Australian media. Effectively, having a monopoly on what is news and what isn’t.

News Corp used this position quite effectively and had some journalists and opinion makers writing the stories and opinion pieces that made the anti-vaxxers look like common criminals. By ignoring the large group of medical and scientific professionals who agree that vaccines are not safe and effective and just regurgitating the same people that say they are safe and effective, they created an environment of us versus them. The divide and conquer technique worked. Soon enough politicians were on board and proclaiming that there is only one way to keep Australia healthy. And that is vaccinations. Vaccinations before you are born and vaccinations when you are old and fragile. Stating that these were safe and effective medications for the people. While ignoring solid scientific evidence that they are not. And when all the media are saying something is real. Most people will believe it. Why would they lie? Not understanding the billions and billions of dollars of taxpayers money moving to the pharmaceutical wallets behind the scenes.

Well in Murdoch’s case he had a personal reason. Murdoch is a billionaire who is heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry. So much so that his son, who has no medical background whatsoever, was appointed on the board of directors of one of the largest pharmaceutical conglomerates. Glaxo Smith Klein. The vaccine industry is worth around 50 billion US dollars a year in profits. Profits that will only increase when more and more countries start mandating vaccinations.

Newspapers columnist in The Netherlands have been writing about those damned anti-vaxxers bringing down the vaccination rates. Talking about the myth of herd immunity as if it is scientifically proven the fact. Herd immunity was at some point in the past 80% and was slowly brought up to 95%, with some scientists proclaiming it should be as close to 100% as possible. Using this rhetoric is laughable as it would mean that your vaccinated child would be at risk because an unvaccinated child was in their vicinity. Thus admitting that the vaccine doesn’t work as a protection from the disease.

In Australia, these opinion pieces, which are planted in newspapers and evening talk shows like they are fact are used to call anti-vaxxers “baby killers” and “bad parents”. Disgusting rhetoric from a well thought out marketing strategy. Because that is what we are dealing with here. A marketing strategy. One that worked in the USA and Australia. And is now being rolled out around the Western world.

The research around vaccines has been rifled with pharmaceutical interventions. With scientific, peer-reviewed articles that were published being pulled days, weeks or months after publication. Pulled by the medical journals or universities that are largely depending on pharmaceutical money for their research or in the case of many journals are owned directly or indirectly by the industry.

It is a fact that pharmaceutical companies have been corrupting the science of medications for decades. This is nothing new and it has been widely accepted that science into sugar and tobacco was and is corrupted by the billions that are being invested into certain research by companies that have financial gain from this research. If you look at the track records of these corporations you would have to be stupid to just hand them the wellbeing of your children. That is what we are supposed to do. Hand over the health and well-being of our children to corporations who make billions in profit. No questions asked and when you have a problem with it. You will be persecuted and singled out.

Over the years many scientists and doctors have published research that shows that vaccine (might) be damaging to the patients. Studies have linked many diseases and conditions with vaccines. From auto-immune disease and cancers. To autism and SIDS. Many parents have stated that their children started to have seizures or losing their skills in the hours or days after receiving vaccines. These parents are being ignored by the thousands every year. Their stories and the potential harm that these vaccines are causing ignored.

I’m not a scientist, but I have done years of research on this topic. I know that it doesn’t add up. If vaccines were really the great invention that the medical world is trying to proclaim. Why not do some large, long-term studies that look at the vaccine safety? They aren’t there. Just like the medical world has been using one study done by the CDC to debunk all the 100’s of studies and papers that say vaccines might be responsible for the autism epidemic. That one CDC study is a study which was according to one of the senior scientists working on that study, completely fraudulent. The documentary Vaxxed shows this corruption and the damage that this is doing.

The medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry don’t want a debate about vaccines. They have a narrative. A religion. Something to believe in. All vaccines are safe and effective. Even though the US supreme court stated that “all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe”. They don’t want people to think any different and will keep regurgitating the same stories over and over again. “Vaccines are the greatest invention in medical history, vaccines are safe. Don’t listen to a lie on the internet.”

This is why we don’t read in the Dutch mainstream media about their proposal to mandate childhood vaccines from 2020. We don’t hear that this proposal was passed and will just need to be rectified in the Dutch Senate. There is a reason for this. They will do whatever they can to stop a real debate. They know they don’t have science on their side and they will never win a real debate. They just want segments that are scripted with the people they picked. Not a real debate about the pros and cons of vaccinations. And that in itself should be a massive alarm bell for many parents. Once this law is passed it will never be turned back. It will be too late and from there it will only get worse. More vaccines in the schedule. Mandates for health and aged care sector workers. Next are the teachers and before you know it most people will not have a choice about what they put into their own or their children’s bodies.

The Netherlands is on a slippery slope. Soon the blame game will start. The fear-mongering will start so people will be afraid of the unvaccinated child. The divide will be created and will only be getting bigger. The new law even says that if people decide not to vaccinate they will be fined 1500 euro. That’s one thing but they will also be publicly shamed and their children named as unvaccinated. With records being publicly and easily accessible. What’s next? A yellow star?

If Australia is the canary in the coal mine for The Netherlands we will soon see the name calling. Then the singling out of people voicing their opinion against these mandates. And just like in Australia they will silence the medical professionals that do see that there might be issues around vaccines. In Australia, a medical professional can get up to 10 years in prison for merely voicing concerns around vaccines.

Complete and utter fascism. Nothing to do with freedom anymore. It is coming and by the time it starts, it will be too late to stop. The pharmaceutical industry is too powerful and once they get handed the key to the healthcare sector we are all doomed. And the key is vaccines. We need to take the key away before it is too late!

The Health Minister of Victoria, Jill Hennessy. A pharmaceutical saleswoman like no other


Videos on the persecution of doctors in Australia

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