Vaccine Mandates Violate Humane Law

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Introduction                                                                                                                  2
Table of Contents                                                                                                         3

Table of Authorities                                                                                                      3

Argument                                                                                                                        4

I.     Prisoner Cases Regarding COVID and Early Release                                       4
II.   Bodily Integrity Jurisprudence                                                                             5
III. Unavoidably Unsafe Vaccines and Informed Consent                                      8
IV.  Food and Drug Administration Alleged “Vaccine” Approvals                          10
V.   Government Agencies Misinform the Public                                                     12
VI. The Split Among the Courts                                                                                   13

Conclusion                                                                                                                       14

One thought on “Vaccine Mandates Violate Humane Law

  1. What you are not addressing is the governmental sanctioning of bioterrorism and biological warfare inflicting damage to the human body thru the modification of genetically altered viruses and vectors (mode of transport of disease) into the populace of the world. There is no other rationale for the genetic modification of diseases that cannot be securely stored or maintained, nor can they safely be conducted within a so-called controlled environment. Germ and biological warfare still remain controlled under the Geneva Convention and Gain of Function Research is Germ warfare under a new guise and name. Why is nobody addressing this from the medical platform against the up and coming tyrannical one-world communist government shift that is presently in play and in forward motion. We the people are the ones that are having this action foisted upon us. Why is there no concern over governmental bioterrorist activity being championed? We can plainly see that when one mutated gene has proven not to kill off what was expected, then another mutation is released, then another. When will we hold government responsible and try them for treason and terrorism. Watch and see if there is not something else released to kill as many people as possible then another rush to develop a so called cure. The government creates chaos then steps in to play the role of savior of the people. We know that the present inoculations have killed, maimed, disabled etc… thousands of people, these are documented cases yet doctors are sanctioned against alternative treatments that have been proven to work. Their files and case studies documenting the control of covid-19 using alternative medicines has been forcefully seized and the doctors medical licenses threatened by the government because what they were doing was curing the covid only to mandate the covid shots by big pharma. I am a nurse and a legal assistant with qualifications of a nurse consultant, I am also a retired Army veteran and am concerned that information is being censored in every aspect regarding this government created virus and unless it is stopped, it will continue until the government kills off as many people it wants until it reaches its goal. You and I may be next.

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