Vaxx Me Not! How About YOU?

Vaxx Me Not! How About You?

Operation Warp Speed is nearly upon us. And Faucism, full medical tyranny, is about to reach new heights of horror with compelled, not forced, vaxx, as recommended by the [formerly] respected New England Journal of Medicine. [1]

‘No forced vaxx,’ misstate the Faucists.  ‘You won’t HAVE to take the vaxx, but if you don’t you may not ever be allowed to leave your home again. To work. To shop. To travel. To go to the movies. To go to school.

“No, friend, we Faucists are freedom-loving, you see, so you are free to refuse the COVID gene-editing, nano tech, secret contract, who-the-Hell-knows-what-it-does-or-what’s-in-it-super-speedy-development-experimental-nano-bot-change-your-genes-forever-politically-safe-no-liability-vaxx, but you won’t be able to leave your home again. Ever. Or at least not until enough vaccinated people start noticing how sick and different and infertile and damaged they and their children are and finally put a stop to all of this oppressive insanity.

If they still can.

Let’s be clear: the tests are worthless, whether we are talking about antibody tests or PCR tests. These tests and the bogus “diagnosis” and “pandemic” they support are the most toxic example I have ever encountered, in my 50 year history in medicine, of GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

If the tests are worthless, and the “Pandemic” is really a “case-demic”, if positive tests are political, not scientific, because they show nothing (even the CDC says that the tests prove nothing about having a disease) and if the “need” for the vaxx is based on the positive tests, what, exactly do you have? Nothing, exactly, except pure, unadulterated Faucism, pure lie-based medical tyranny.

So here is what I am going to do, since I absolutely WILL NOT accept a COVID-19 vaccine in my body: I will assert my Right of Informed Consent and refuse all vaccines, including this one.

And I will do so fearlessly, knowing that it might mean a period of prolonged lock down (well, that is nothing new, is it, really?) and knowing, too, that the consequences of this vaxx program are bound to be nothing short of horrendous in the short term (adverse reactions) and long term (altered humanity).

I consider this to be cataclysmic, but I believe firmly that some of us will emerge from this collective, carefully induced nightmare with our genes, and our minds, our immune systems and our sanity intact. Some of us. Not all of us.

I will rely on the Gold Advance Vaccine Directive Card and my ability to communicate with you, and your ability to spread the word of truth and light, as our antidote to the poison that medical tyranny, in the current form of Faucism, really is.

Here is the link where you can get the card:

Use it. Share and urge people to sign up for the Dr. Rima Truth Report eNewsletter there.

Your life and mine, our very DNA, are the battlefield.  This is one battle we cannot afford to lose.  Humanity cannot afford for us to lose it.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima





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