It’s a Good Thing

COVID EUA Vaccine Roll-Out Failure

We are told that making sure all of us volunteer for the Emergency Use Authorization COVID vaccine is a top priority of the incoming Administration. Why? IMHO, pecause people do not want the jab!

“U.S. distribution of coronavirus vaccines has descended into turmoil. Now, millions of vaccines could expire before they reach people in need (sic). The Trump administration predicted 20 million people would receive at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by the end of 2020. The final figure was about four million. And only 365,294 people in nursing homes and long-term-care centers have been vaccinated, despite more than 2.5 million doses distributed for those facilities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.” [2]

The presumptive President Elect has indicated that he wants One Million Vaccines per day for the first hundred days of the new administration, totaling One Hundred Million doses.

What will that do?  Here is Rima Laibow, MD’s opinion, predicting 30,000 or more daily vaccine injuries if that policy is fully implemented.

“Serious Adverse Events, directly caused by the experimental mRNA vaccines. will devastate our population, kill and severely injure some of them, deliver a profound blow to our economy, further devastate our society and introduce a totally unnecessary, but massively devastating REAL blow to the local, national and global society from which only the destroyers, the globalists, will benefit.” [3]

Don’t want to be part of an experiment gone wrong, very wrong?  Tell them #DontYouDare and assert your Informed Consent right:


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