Vitamins Still Available as Engineered Food Shortages Hit!

Vitamins Still Available as Engineered Food Shortages Hit! For Now…
Better Stock Up! Durbin Planning to Take them Away.

Healthy July 4, Despite Dick Durbin

Sen. Durbin is attacking your right to nutrients – AGAIN, just when we are about to enter a food drought.

Stock up on essential nutrients here — —  and stop him and his globalist henchmen here, insert Action Item Link.

There is a conspiracy against you and yours. And me and mine. We are useless eaters to the would-be masters.

They want us dumb, passive and weak. And they want a lot of us dead.

Take away nutrients and supplements, along with power, the rule of law and truth, and you have Agenda 2030.

It is up to us to stay strong, informed, healthy and fearless.

That is why I have opened my full Dispensary of professional quality nutrients, supplements and products at insert link.’

Everything you buy there supports your well-being and your health freedom.

20,000 individual items are available; you can obtain them individually, or as part of my protocols.  And, at a 10% discount, either way!

And every time you take the Action Item here: to push back Durbin and his dastardly dupes, we become that much stronger.

Share both links. They are necessary tools for our continued freedom.

Happy Independence Day!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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