We are the Resistance to the Great Reset

We are the Resistance to the Great Reset
There is No Emergency Exception to Inalienable Rights

Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph Interview
Canadian Lawyer Lisa Miron, 


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“It’s the great spend. Followed by the great inflation. Followed by the great interest rates. Followed by the great loss of discretionary spending. Followed by the great shut down of businesses. Followed by the great layoffs of service industry employees. Followed by the great rent defaults. Followed by the great loss of our economic engine. Followed by the great mortgage default. Followed by the great homelessness poverty and hunger. By those who participated in the economy and raised their families minding their own business. So. What do you think? Anyone think Klaus was writing fiction for our entertainment is in the great denial.” — Lisa Miron, LLB, LLM, Hns.B.Sc.

It started long before the ‘Pandemic of 2020.’ The phrase ‘The Great Reset’ was in use for years to label the globalists’ plans for a New World Order and a new fiat globalist monetary system. We just did not know what would trigger the final stages of the imposition of tyrannical international governance. Now we know.  An ‘Emergency’ was needed to allow the ‘State of Exception’ which derogated our heretofore inalienable rights, such as our universal rights of Informed Consent and Informed Dissent.

At least 5.9 billion have received the still-experimental ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ COVID ‘vaccine’ — without ever being truly informed of the risks.  We know that all of them now have the biomarkers for deadly heart and circulation risks.

Billions may die over the next few years, not from the ‘Pandemic’ but rather from adverse reactions to the jabs. They will die from myocarditis, from SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), sudden onset, late-stage cancer and other once rare conditions.  This ‘Great Culling’ will jeopardize our finely tuned markets and supply chains.  It may lead to a collapse of civilization and mass starvation.

We, the Resistance, refuse to go quietly to the sad end planned for us by the globalist elite. First, many of us have refused the jabs.  We ‘purebloods’ will not be part of the Great Die-Off.  Rather, we are the dissidents who will survive and expose what the elites would rather hide.

We will do that by building on the unique world-wide resistance to the pandemic lockdowns and mandates.  That resistance started in March of 2020 with the first of the Worldwide Rallies.  Ninety cities in fifty countries participated.  Within a year hundreds of cities and towns in nearly 150 countries protested together: a million people in Berlin; a million in Vienna; nearly as many in France and Britain; the largest demonstrations in Australian and New Zealand histories.

As the lockdowns began to crumble the Truckers Convoys took the lead, first in Canada and then in France and the USA.

These two developments represent a quantum change in world politics.  For the first time the cozy relationships of government diplomacy were overshadowed by People Power in the streets. Except in totalitarian regimes the lockdowns and mandates evaporated.

But that did not stop the globalist cabal.  They struck back.  May of 2022 the Regime in the USA offered a dozen amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) that would further empower the World Health Organization (WHO) despite its complete failure to effectively address COVID.  WHO is widely viewed as corrupt and very cooperative with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), helping to cover-up the source of COVID.

The Resistance, remembering how we had just stopped the lockdowns and mandates, went to work.  Groups of health freedom advocates in a dozen countries generated strong public opposition to the IHR amendments.  Over a few months millions of messages were generated to the legislatures of the USA, Canada and South Africa, among others.  The amendments stalled.

Our Push Back tactic is to boldly tell legislators and our other agents in government to stop.  We want WHO abolished, not further empowered.  We want national sovereignty respected along with our individual right to control our own bodies and make our own informed health care choices.

Rather than an all-powerful international bureaucracy that will continue to make mistakes that will then damage people globally we want the basic principles of good health:  sanitation, hygiene and nutrition to guide all nations in their responses to any perceived pandemic threat.

We call these the Seven Principles of Humane Health Care
More Here:  www.preventgenocide2030.org

What is the basic tool of the Resistance? It is nothing less than speaking truth to power.

We Push Back by demanding our inalienable rights; by petitioning our agents in government to protect our rights rather than diminish them.

Our goal is Health Freedom.  Our strategy is to get as many countries out of WHO — #WHOxit — as we can.  Our tactic is to Push Back ever more boldly.

There is no emergency exception to inalienable rights.

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You are the Resistance.

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