Whistleblowers Reveal DoD Medical Data Showing Military Cancer Diagnoses HAVE TRIPLED Since The Rollout Of The Experimental Vaccines – Along With a 10x Increase in Neurological Disorders and a Near 5x increase in Female INFERTILITY – (VIDEO)

On Monday, several world-renowned doctors and medical experts spoke during a panel discussion in Washington DC that was hosted by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI),

The nearly five-hour-long event, which was titled “Covid-19: A Second Opinion,” saw a wide range of issues discussed, including “the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy, and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term,” according to its description on Sen. Johnson’s website.

The esteemed medical experts sounded the alarm over several issues that they have come across over the past year, exposing even more damning information that illustrates the horrific effects of the experimental vaccines, and how the corrupt US health regime has nefariously attempted to cover its tracks since the beginning.

Unfortunately, the catastrophic effects of the vaccines may be worse than ever thought possible, especially for young people.

During the event, Ohio attorney Thomas Renz presented DOD medical billing data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) that exposes the disturbing truth about what is happening to the health of our service members since the rollout of the jab a year ago.

According to Renz, there has been an astronomical increase in several serious illnesses and disorder diagnoses in the US military since the rushed rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine – most concerning of which – cancer, which has seen a 3x increase.

“We have substantial data showing that we saw, for example, miscarriages increasing by 300% over the five-year average, almost. We saw almost 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average.”

The DMED data also revealed that there has been a whopping ten times increase in neurological disorders since the vaccines were introduced, which directly impacts military readiness, especially within the US Air Force.

Not the most encouraging thing, considering the Warhawks in the DC Swamp are pushing to kick off WWIII with Russia.

“We saw — this one’s amazing — neurological. So, neurological issues which would affect our pilots, over 1000% increase. 1000,” he said.

Completely flabbergasted by the revelation, Sen. Johnson asked Renz to clarify: “Ten times,” he said. “That’s ten times the rate?”

Renz continued:

“82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year. Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed.”


Senior editor Daniel Horowitz of the Blaze spoke with Renz and corroborated the information with the whistleblowers to confirm the data’s legitimacy. According to Horowitz, who personally ‘knows two of the three whistleblowers,’ the number of cancer diagnoses in the military went from a 5-year average (2016-2020) of 38,700 per year to 114,645 in the first 10 months of 2021.

Horowitz explained:

“I know 2 of the 3 cited whistleblowers. Their credentials are impeccable. Lt. Col. Chambers is one of the only Green Beret doctors in the military. Actually I got that wrong. One of the whitsleblowers just told me it was through October, not November. So this is 10 months of data off the chart vs. prior 12 month years!”

Further adding to the credibility of it all, the military whistleblowers provided their testimony under oath, which will be used in federal court by Renz.

From The Blaze:

“In a declaration under penalty of perjury that Renz plans to use in federal court, Drs. Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Long — three military doctors — revealed that there has been a 300% increase in DMED codes registered for miscarriages in the military in 2021 over the five-year average.

The five-year average was 1,499 codes for miscarriages per year. During the first 10 months of 2021, it was 4,182.

As Renz explained to me in an interview with TheBlaze, these doctors queried the numbers for hundreds of codes from 2016 through 2020 to establish a baseline five-year average. These codes were generally for ailments and injuries that medical literature has established as being potential adverse effects of the vaccines.”

Renz also provided The Blaze with additional information on other severe illnesses and disorders that he did not have time to get to during the panel discussion.

The scope of the damage is absolutely shocking. In addition to the 3x of cancer and miscarriages, and the 10x of neurological disorders, there has been a near 5x spike in female infertility, among others.

“Some other numbers he did not mention at the hearing but gave to me in the interview are the following:

  • myocardial infarction –269% increase

  • Bell’s palsy – 291% increase

  • congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) – 156% increase

  • female infertility – 471% increase

  • pulmonary embolisms – 467% increase”

The data comes directly from the US military’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) system, which is the military’s equivalent to the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) – but the DMED system is only accessible by military doctors and records every single case in the military for insurance billing, which, unlike VAERS, makes it extremely accurate.

As Horowitz also points out, this military-medical information is easily accessible to the federal government’s alphabet agencies (FDA, CDC, DoD) that are in charge of creating the public health nightmare we are living through, which indicates they are well aware of the skyrocketing diagnoses of life-threatening reactions that are linked to the experimental vaccine – but have decided to cover up the information from the public while they continue to compel more jabs.

In short, Biden’s federal government is fully aware of what’s going on, but the narrative and their corruption are more important than American lives, even if they are military members.

According to Renz, the whistleblowers came forward because of what they were seeing on the job as they treated military personnel, leading them to investigate the DMED system for anomalies related to the increase they had seen in their clinical experience.

Unfortunately, their investigation confirmed what they had feared, and things have just been getting worse.

This is just “the tip of the iceberg,” claimed Renz, who says he has even more data coming.

One of the whistleblowers explained to The Blaze:

 “‘These doctors were motivated to explore DMED data due to the numbers of case increases they were seeing empirically,’ said the whistleblower, who served in the military for many years. ‘Some physicians throughout the force (all branches) have been intimidated by commands not to perform the full spectrum of testing and adhere to the regulations, which implicitly direct full workups for EUA vaccination adverse reactions. It will require other military physicians to step forward and share experiences to fully ascertain the enormity of these allegations and engender an investigation to the fullest extent.’

Renz claims he has a video with two witnesses showing the entire process of downloading this data from the database and is prepared to present it in court. He also told me that this is just ‘the tip of the iceberg,’ as the codes have increased exponentially in numerous other diagnosis categories. Renz said his spreadsheet, which includes over 100 medical diagnosis categories, was shared with Senator Johnson and his staff before the Monday hearing.”

During Monday’s hearing, Renz also testified that some of the data, specifically related to myocarditis, have been manipulated since the whistleblowers pulled the data out of the DMED system, indicating that the federal government is attempting to cover its tracks.

Following Renz’s bombshell revelations, Sen. Johnson warned Biden’s corrupt regime that they have officially been put “on notice,” and better not delete any of the data.

“The Department of Defense, the Biden administration is on notice they must preserve these records and this must be investigated.”

If the data is accurate, and there is no indication that it isn’t (especially considering the corroborating data in VAERS, countless medical studies showing the adverse effects of the vaccine, and the manipulation of Covid statistics that has already been exposed), Biden’s federal government has committed atrocious crimes against humanity and has been working overtime to criminally conceal them from the pubic.

We are way past due for some major accountability.

Source:  www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/whistleblowers-reveal-dod-medical-data-showing-military-cancer-diagnoses-tripled-since-rollout-experimental-vaccines-along-10x-increase-neurological-disorders-near-5x/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PostTopSharingButtons&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons

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