Why I’m Suing the California Medical Board – Dr. Ron Kennedy, M.D.

Why I’m Suing the California Medical Board – Dr. Ron Kennedy, M.D. | Richard Sacks

Ever since the passage of S.B. 277 in California, parents who want their children to be able to attend school, public or private (a right guaranteed unconditionally in the California state Constitution) must have their children vaccinated whether they want to or not. Personal beliefs are now irrelevant, as far as this new law is concerned. So are religious beliefs. So is the principle of informed consent. The law is completely immoral and unconstitutional. There is one avenue left for parents to save their children from forced vaccination against the parents’ will. That is the option of getting a medical exemption.

The problem is that getting a medical exemption in California is getting very difficult, because of pressure being put on doctors not to write them. Where is this pressure coming from? One of the big sources of this pressure has been the California Medical Board. Generally, doctors are very hesitant to oppose the Medical Board, as they don’t want to lose their licenses and have their practices demonized by corporate media. But one medical doctor is acting in defiance of this fear, for the sake of his fellow doctors and their patients now and in the future. He needs and deserves our full support. This special short interview is just so you’ll understand what Dr. Ron Kennedy (http://www.medical-library.net) is doing and why he deserves our help to inform others of his courageous action, and to help with his legal expenses.

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