Are Vaccines Sacred Cows?

DrRimaReplies_Banner_WP_ImageSizingDr. Rima Replies: Are Vaccines Sacred Cows?

“The irony of vaccine issues is that when there are outbreaks of “vaccine-associated-diseases,” those outbreaks always are blamed on the non-vaccinated population.Really! Of those contracting communicable “vaccine diseases,” the greater percentage always is the partially- or fully-vaccinated. Statistics document those occurrences time and time again. Additionally, vaccine-targeted microorganisms MUTATE, as has happened with Pertussis and Polio, and probably others, I dare say.” CJF

What would we do without admirable writers and journalists like Catherine J. Frompovitch! Once again, her article, “Are Vaccine Holy Cows…“* exposes a set of underlying, dirty truths about vaccines which, being based solidly in fact, are undeniable.

Please recall that in the days of Carthage, the OTHER superpower when Rome was a world-beating empire, it was a sacred duty to sacrifice beloved children on the fires of Molach for the good of the state. That made sense to the Carthaginians in the same passionate, irrational way that sacrificing our young on the fires of iatrogenic (doctor created) inflammation and auto immune vaccine reactions.


I have no doubt that the parents who sacrificed their children paid a handsome fee to the priests for the honor of doing so.

So do we.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation


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