Do the Math! Vax Adverse Reactions NOT Rare!

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Vaccine Adverse Reactions are Not Rare.

Do the math. The HPV vaccine is deadly. This one vaccine type alone* was associated not with the often-touted propaganda of “1 adverse reaction in a million” among the 2.59 million Japanese girls vaccinated with HPV vaccines, but a horrifying 1 in 1047 ratio.

Now, if the Japanese reporting level is equivalent to that of the US, then we are seeing between 2 and 10% of what should be reported. That means the true adverse reaction level could be ten times or more the reported rate, at least 1 in 104. That’s about ten thousand per million!

The collusion between government, industry and “independent” scientists to suppress and distort clear and irrefutable evidence that HPV vaccines contain dangerous foreign protein and can result in cataclysmic adverse reactions was documented amply earlier this year. Vaccine recipients continue to suffer and we, the medical profession, continue to support the use of this absolutely unnecessary toxic injection series.

HPV is a self-limiting condition which has never been shown to cause cancer although it may be present when cancer or pre-cancerous lesions are diagnoses. Truly, coincidence is not causation.

Furthermore, young girls (and boys!) are vaccinated but the most likely group of people to develop cervical cancer is elderly women (and men?) and, should they have HPV at the time, their risk of developing a malignancy increases by nearly 50%.

This is beyond unconscionable. It is criminal. And the crime is, quite literally, against humanity.

Ghandi on vaccines

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

* “HPV Vaccine Adverse-Effects Class-Action Suit Planned in Japan”

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