5G Tower Construction Halted


Earlier this month, Dr. Rima and her neighbors were horrified to learn that a 34 foot “Small Cell” tower for 5G was about to be constructed on their corner, 20 feet from her house — despite the fact that Tucson already has optical fibers in place to provide very high quality service.  No deadly 5G needed, thank you!

The “law” is not on the side of those who are aware of the dangers of 5G Radio Frequency (RF) pollution.  Federal law prevents local communities from banning 5G towers, or from even regulating RF output (only the FCC can do that). Federal law stops local communities from banning 5G towers on the basis of health concerns, but does allow it on the basis of “public safety” and property values.

Local officials repeat the incorrect mantra that We the People are powerless against the Federal/ High Tech juggernaut, or so they would have us believe!

“Wrong answer!” said Dr. Rima.  She and her neighbors immediately organized and occupied the site! Then they went to work.

Counsel Ralph, as a retired attorney at law, wrote two Cease and Desist letters: one demanded protection for Dr. Rima because of documented RF sensitivity under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Arizona, like every other state in the union mirrors that Federal legislation. The second C&D letter was a “Lorax Action” speaking on behalf of the 31+ foot Mesquite Tree at the site.

Both Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph serve as Judges on the International Natural and Common Law Tribunal on Public Health and Justice. Pulse microwave technology (5G) is one of the three Genocidal Technologies identified and prohibited by the Tribunal which issued a Cease & Desist Order to state and city officials including the Governor of Arizona.

Dr. Rima’s neighbors reached out to the other Tucsonans opposing 5G who quickly convened a Zoom meeting featuring Dr. Russ Witte, PhD. who presented an extraordinarily detailed and helpful Powerpoint on the scientific and legislative and administrative realities of this “military grade weapon” on our streets and in our skies. As it turns out, the oft-stated official position of the authorities that We the People are helpless is not the case! The battle continues. Push Back Works but only if you actually push back!

Bottom line: AT&T backed-off for now. They have agreed to delay construction to allow “community discussion. As it turns out, there is a Primary Election on August 3rd.  You can be sure candidates for City Council will be on the 5G Hot Seat as part of the community push back! 5G opponents across the country concur that this chain of events is exceedingly unusual. We believe that the addition of the Tribunal’s 52 page C&D Order made the difference, stopping this tower where virtually none have been stopped before.

You can learn more about the Tribunal’s work at https://www.peaceinspace.org

Push Back, and of story:  to be continued! Push Back Works!

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More about Tribunals of Conscience here:  http://www.opensourcetruth.com/tribunals-of-conscience/

2 thoughts on “5G Tower Construction Halted

  1. Firefox will NOT allow me to access the Peace in space link for more info.
    Usually there is the option of I understand the risk take me there anyway.
    Not so this time.
    Advanced info is grayed out too.
    See the error (censored) page below.

    I didn’t plan on this but it developed and now I’m super late so I apologize in advance for this being a bit “rough”.

    May God Richly Bless you, Dr. Rima.
    I’ve been following you and General Bert since he first said it wasn’t a plane that hit the pentagon and the first time you were on Alex Jones.

    For all those whose contempt prior to investigation quickly tarred me with his brush…
    Love him or hate him Alex has woken a lot of people up. Including me.
    If I hadn’t been watching his show,
    they hadn’t been on it, I may not have found them and learned all the valuable things I did.
    when you consider what he has to wallow in every day, it’s amazing he’s kept it together as well as he has.
    I’d like to express a concern that’s been building in me as I hear the word unbelievable used more and more by people sharing the truth.
    It’s so easy to do, & in so many ways fits and describes so much if not all of what is going on, and it rolls off the tongue so well, it’s sort of like a “comfort” food for words.
    It is the absolute antithesis of what we are all so desperately trying to do.
    That is, getting people to believe what to them remains unbelievable so they will wake up!
    Bad does NOT mean Good!
    Satan inverts everything & is the father of lies…

    I’ve been learning about the way the world really works since just before the turn of the century.
    I learned about the… oh, God, The word! What is the term?
    Alementarious… Codex Alementarious! Thank you God!

    Covaids was getting in the way of Codex.
    I learned about Codex from you when you first presented it, Dr. Rima.
    Along with what a sham Nuremberg was.
    That was years before I learned about Octipus from that guest on your Sunday show…

    Recently (mainly since covaids started) I’ve been getting this horrible feeling that this epic battle for humanity is just that. For humanity. Our Race. The entirety of it.
    Our COLLECTIVE souls

    I feel trapped in the middle of the herd of humanity that is being stampeded off a cliff & is about to free-fall to hell for the harvesting of our collective souls.
    All those (&that’s most people) who are just going along to get along are going to be surprised when we land! I find no comfort in that.

    The sick to my soul feeling I get when I see people blindly wearing this Talisman, this tool used mainly in satanic indoctrination rituals, just as sure as a voodoo doll is used in other such rituals,
    But in this case, these people have been intentionally beguiled into volunteering to buy or make their own talisman/voodoo doll,
    volunteer to strap in on whenever around any other people.

    If of the Christian faith,
    We are made in God’s image.
    Blocking God’s image he created us in with a satanic sorcerer’s tool that you know doesn’t work for so many reasons, from the side of the box saying they don’t work to…
    take your pick.

    When the manager of a store tells me I have to take the mark or leave,
    & they will not sell me what I’ve already gathered,
    while their nose is hanging out of their satanic slave muzzle,
    when I point that out they say they are just doing it because they have to, just going along to get along, as they offer me a used one out of their pocket with such an evil smirk of expectation it’s like on some level they already the zombies they look like on a mission & gloating as they think they are about to mark another one when they don that satanic slave muzzle & again mock their god.

    I’m no Biblical scholar,
    but not being able to buy, sell or trade because I won’t take what the people preventing me from doing so have convinced me is the mark of the beast has made me feel this battle for humanity that is raging on every level for what feels more and more to me as the battle for OUR COLLECTIVE SOULS.

    Maybe these talisman with a 3,000 year written history (NONE of it good for the wearer) as a tool used in satanic indoctrination rituals is not the mark of the beast.
    I’m not going to bet my eternal soul that it’s not!
    Who in their right mind would?
    Consider the stakes.
    what do you win and what could you lose.
    The definition of sucker’s bet to me.

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  2. If you really want to go to that peace website, try turning off your firewall. Or perhaps you could create an exception.

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