Woman Injured By Flu Vaccine Obtains Large Settlement


The Knutson and Casey Law Firm in Minnesota recently published a Press Release about one of their clients who received a $2.49 million settlement from the U.S. Government Vaccine Court due to injuries related to the annual flu shot.

A woman who was injured after receiving a flu vaccine has been compensated by U.S. Vaccine Court for her injuries, totaling $2.49 million. 39 year-old Cheron Golding received the flu vaccination in October of 2013 and was subsequently diagnosed with transverse myelitis as a result of the vaccination. She suffered from paralysis, loss of vision, and other complex injuries. She was hospitalized for several months.

The Vaccine Court reviewed the matter, along with the U.S. Justice Department who defends the cases, and a settlement was reached for her injuries that included future payments for needed care.

Golding’s attorney Randy Knutson of the Knutson + Casey law office, explained that when U.S. citizens are injured by a vaccine, they can apply to the U.S. Vaccine Court which reviews cases and provides compensation when appropriate. “This is a great program for those injured by vaccines. While injuries from vaccines are rare, when they do occur the Vaccine Court can step in and compensate folks for their injuries, and their future care.”

Attorneys who practice in vaccine court do not receive any part of the settlements. Instead the attorneys are paid a reasonable amount decided by the vaccine court, after the case has settled and the injured person receives their compensation.

Plaintiff Golding was represented by Randy Knutson of Knutson + Casey Law Firm, which has offices in Mankato and Edina, Minnesota. The case is entitled Golding v. Secretary of Health and Human Services, No. 16-1132V. (Source: PR Newswire)

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