Techno-Censorship Hits Open Source Truth


Privatized Censorship.
Strike Down the TruthTelling Sites.
After a While No Will Notice.

The war against our MINDS is the war against our FREEDOM. If they take away our ability to know, lock up knowledge and truth in their “knowledge vault” [Google] or cripple our social media pages it is the same as de-platforming truth. Your truth that you need to maintain your freedom AND your health AND your life.

“Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century.” said General Bert before he was silenced. And the information to make that Informed Consent is essential for you and those you  love to be able to give that informed Consent. And the information to make that Informed Consent meaningful is essential to you and those you love. That is why silencing Natural Solutions is so essential to their win — your loss.

Imagine Global Health Tyranny… . Imagine a world where every attack on your health freedom has succeeded and you have, well, none. No health freedom at all. . Your body, and the bodies of your children, belong totally to the State (or, more likely, the Global SuperState).

— There is mandatory vaccination for everyone without any exemptions. 

— Those who die, or fall chronically ill are just anomalies who don’t impact the greater good being perpetrated for the rest of humanity (what there is left of it, that is). 

— Ignore the destruction of human fertility and what will happen to our species if humans do not have enough children to maintain the species.  It’s called “extinction” — imagine that, if you dare.

— Of course, because of fluoride, constant vaccination with ever larger numbers of vaccines and ever more “booster shots”, contaminated food, super bug plagues of all sorts, chemical contaminants, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, one baby in 5 dies of “mysterious causes”, the average lifespan has dropped by 22 years for men and 27 years for women so that most kids never get to have their grandparents at their graduation from college or their weddings.

— But children attend a lot of funerals in their young lives since they and their friends have huge numbers of lethal responses to infectious, malignant and auto-immune disorders.

— Laws requiring government agency arrangements for “parenting” orphan children until they are 18 years old have been universally passed because so many parents die before their kids reach adulthood.  

To be fair, though, that burden is often not imposed on anyone because, fulfilling a World Health Organization prediction made less than a decade ago, more than 50% of children die before their parents, even with their shortened lifespan.

And the media, always the servant of “truth”, as defined by crony commercial interests, at least, continually tells you that you live in the society with the best medical care in the world and that the great public health benefits of Modern Life is something for you to be truly grateful for. 

After all, your meds are nearly “free”, most of the time, which means you have no choice not to take them.

No need to imagine; that’s pretty much what a totalitarian medical dictatorship will look like. 

And you get there by allowing our side to be taken out, whacked, killed, gutted, destroyed, by the other side.


Take a look again at the image at the top of this article: it’s the number of hits our Health Freedom News Aggregation site,, got recently. 

Notice anything about it? Well, we haven’t been de-platformed by any major site except Pinterest for our truth-speaking, our continuing reality-sharing about vaccines and GMOs and GeoEngineering and Fluoride and the rest of the Health Freedom Truths that you really need for your own informed decisions. But we sure have been “de-searched”. That apparently happened on April 15th.

Add to that the fact that our mailing list routinely has dozens of thousands of emails lopped off by service providers like Google and Yahoo and you see what they are trying to do: silence us.

They managed to silence General Bert in his hospital bed, killing him (legal matters currently underway so I cannot discuss much of that, but I will, have no fear).

That very nearly silenced me through grief and rage and sorrow and pain. And it nearly took Counsel Ralph out, as well.

But not quite.

We have come back swinging and they have come back chopping.

Oh, did I mention the financial assaults that pretty much left me penniless when Gen. Bert died in spite of the law and reality? No, well imagine having to fight that when you beloved husband and partner has just been dispatched by a system that could not wait to make sure that he was dead! Not a pleasant day, or month, or year, I can assure you!  I fought for his life every day for 158 days in hospital, finally obtaining a court order letting me put real food in his feeding tube and then getting permission for Vitamin C, IV.  And that was working until his sudden [details redacted on advise of Counsel].

But the battle is more important than the general.

Before he was killed, General Bert said that ‘Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century”. And it is.

There is a full court press on right now to deny you of your right to make your own health care decisions, to remove information, exactly as would be done in the times of Stalin or Mussolini or Hitler, that goes against the official narrative of more vaccines, more chemicals, more EMF, more intervention, more medical kidnappings and fraudulent guardian-ships, more control of your body by the State and less and less freedom for you, less and less control over your DNA, your day, your way, your children, you food, your water, your minds, your immune system, your life or the ability to maintain that life. 

We all know that Facebook is highly partisan, actively suppressing vaccine and other truth. Our Facebook page, Natural Solutions Foundation, with well over 100,000 organic ‘Likes” has been hacked (Geek alert: someone went in, removed the other administrators, then removed himself as the administrator and set the page so that no one can join, post, participate, like or share. The page is totally useless. Page authentication goes somewhere, but not to our phones, emails, etc.) 

The page is dead. . Dead as a door-nail. That is no accident.‘s views, which had just topped two million when we got hit (see illustration) dropped to pretty much nothing.  Same attack. 

Natural Solutions Foundation will not stop fighting for your health freedom and ours as long as there is a shred of breath in any of our bodies. 

So here’s the Battle Plan, just as General Bert would advise, and it depends on you, the warriors, as well as on us, fighting right beside you.

 1. Make sure that you are on our mailing list, even if you think you are, you may have be “de-listed.”. Visit and sign up for the Newsletter. If your email is a duplicate, you’ll still only get a single copy of our newsletters in your email box.

 2. Tell everyone you can reach on any social media that an important health freedom site is under attack and ask your friends, neighbors and associates to visit that link and sign up, too. They can also find our sign up form at when they visit there.

 3. Tell them that is an important site with fast breaking news that they won’t find in one place elsewhere and ask them to put it on their list of sites that they visit often and share with their friends.

4. Ask them to go to and “Like” and “Follow” the page. We had to set up a new page, losing our more than 100K followers. That was to keep us mute.

5. Tell the White House and FDA: STOP ILLEGAL VACCINES now:

6.Get your vaccine exemption card at, This the legally protected Advance Vaccine Directive Card is a must for each member of your family whose health and freedom you care about, along with my amazing Dr. Rima Recommends Nano Silver 10 PPM and give your immune system the partner it needs to fend off whatever they throw at it!

7. And tell your social media circle of influence about this shop. It supports your health and your health freedom at the same time.

8. Give a little or give a lot. We’ve been hit, hard, because we tell the truth and refuse to stop.  Send what you can to us either by using the “Support” button at or sending a check to us at 58 Plotts Road, Newton NJ 07860. Ready to make a substantial donation? Our sister charitable organization, Institute for Health Research can help you. Contact Counsel Ralph for that:

  Oh, did I mention that Chase Market Services, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Square, Stripe and every other credit card processor is part of the Kill Shot program since, despite our having done nothing illegal or inappropriate, they have refused to process our credit card sales at our eCommerce site.

Nice, huh? Land of the free, home of the brave, Free Speech, First Amendment and all that?

Not so much, apparently. But, with your help, we WILL prevail in this war to end all freedoms, damage and depopulate the human race and enslave the few allowed to remain.

Oh, not familiar with those plans? Check out Agenda 21, now upgraded to Agenda 20/30. Minus the happy horse plucky pretty talk, that is precisely what it says.  .  We’ve got a lot to lose and every single freedom you ever thought you had is at the top of the list. Imagine that.

So we need to change the outcome, don’t we?  .  Can I count on you as my ally in the battle for your health freedom? Have any suggestions?  Write to me at 

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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June 9, 2019 Update:

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