A Broken Heart and an Unbroken Arrow for Valentine’s Day

A Broken Heart and an Unbroken Arrow for Valentine’s Day

My beloved husband died on his birthday, February 6, three years ago. General Bert, as the world knew him, was a thought leader, a brilliant strategist and a tireless warrior for health freedom as he had been a tireless warrior for the United States during his illustrious 32 year career in the US Army.

He was inducted into the US Army Intelligence Hall of Fame and retired as a Major General commanding the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

But I did not love him for his military luster. In fact, I refused to meet him for 1.5 years because I distrusted anyone in that world so strongly.

We had twenty-five magical years together. Then he became ill and we fought the hospital death system for 158 days, struggling successfully to overcome a series of hospital-introduced infections.

Astonishingly, at one point we actually had to get a Restraining Order from a judge forcing the hospital to allow me give him food and nutrients, including my Nano Silver 10 PPM. With that he was able to overcome numerous episodes of hospital induced infection and sepsis. He was getting better and better. There is a legal action in Federal Court because we have excellent reason to believe that his death was anything but unavoidable.

General Bert was the man I respected to my deepest core. Bert was the man I loved, and love, to the depth of my Soul — and beyond. [1]

Shortly before he died an agonizing, prolonged and unnecessary death, although he had been given a tracheotomy during a prolonged (and, I believe, avoidable) coma, he made a stirring video in his hospital gown using a speaking valve in which he declared that we all need to fight for our Informed Consent rights.

He was right, and a brave warrior for those rights to his last, dying breath.

Cupid is generally depicted with an arrow knocked in his bow ready to fire. We like to think that the arrow is directed towards the heart of a “love victim”. But to me, left devastated and broken-hearted by the unnecessary death of my adored, admired and beloved friend, lover and fellow warrior, the arrow is different.

It is the arrow with which we continue that same battle. It is not a vector of death and violence. Instead, it destroys lies and shatters deceit, rips into anything that assaults our freedoms and defeats attempts to enslave us or our minds. It is an arrow of Love.

My heart was pierced by Cupid’s arrow the moment I spied this man, a total stranger to me, but the thirst for justice, freedom and truth that Bert and I shared, the Mission that burned in his heart and mine, and still burns there, is represented by that arrow in every Cupid I see whose arrow is still in his hand, waiting to illuminate and inflame a heart with the passion that changes everything, literally everything.

Love of the beloved and love of the welfare of humanity are not really so far apart.

So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, shortly after a day of joy (my love’s birthday) and great loss (my love’s death day) I see the celebration of love and I remember that love can be, perhaps should be, wider than just the beloved.

That arrow can work for truth and justice and freedom and health.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  And please feel free to share this message with everyone you love.

Link:  http://www.opensourcetruth.com/a-broken-heart-and-an-unbroken-arrow-for-valentines-day/

Let the arrows fly for love at every level.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD

[1] The General Speaks: www.GeneralBertSpeaks.com

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