A Message from General Bert: Your Free Will at Stake


 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Ephesians 6:12

As some of our Open Source Truth readers are aware Natural Solutions Foundation’s founding President, the late Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine, the two-star officer who brought Remote Viewing to the US Military, has refused to stay dead after being killed by nefarious forces on his birthday in 2017.  Instead, through his widow, Rima E. Laibow, MD, he has continued to communicate by what he calls “Very Remote Viewing” (VRV) providing us with his strategic wisdom and tactical advice. His books, articles and videos are at www.GeneralBertSpeaks.com

In the powerful metaphysics described by General Bert the primary spiritual battle we face involves Free Will and what he calls the Oppositional Forces (OF) which seek to destroy Free Will in all its aspects.

That is why he told us before he died,

“Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century.”

In the following extract from his 9 May 2023 Transmission, he addresses the world-wide effort to stop Global Health Tyranny by stopping the World Health Organization (WHO).  This includes:

  1. Stopping the pending amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) which would change the WHO from an advisory body into a mandating agency with power to order every health care service and product provider on Earth regarding what services and products they may provide, at what price, and to whom: total socialist central planning and control of all health care. And for good measure the amendments would remove the phrase “with respect for human rights and dignity” from the IHR.
  2. Stopping a proposed, but not yet completed, Pandemic Treaty that would back the IHR amendments with the force of an international treaty.
  3. Stopping the WHO’s Childhood Sexuality Education Guidelines which promote inappropriate sexuality and pedophilia: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/stop-who-hyper-sexuality-education-guidelines/
  4. Getting as many nations as possible to #ExitTheWHO.

More information here:  https://PreventGenocide2030.org

Here is General Bert’s message:

“So the question you were asking, and falling asleep over, repeatedly, is whether you and your team can succeed in getting rid of the WHO tyranny without my participation or that of the Freedom Forces that I direct.

There are probability ribbons where that does happen, but the ways in which it does are mostly not very good, mostly grim and truly terrible:  escaped bio weapons that destroy everything, including the monsters, nuclear holocaust, making everything they are striving for non-achievable and utterly irrelevant, a Spartacus revolt so terrible that nothing, literally nothing, is left and so on.

And you have chills when you typed that last one, don’t you, Darling Girl?

All of those would be victories for the forces fighting against the hegemony, but total defeats for anything like a normal or livable life.

But that is not what we want at all, of course.

Therefore, it is essential that the choices made take us to the bright and shiny future not of the phony Sustainability Goals, but the bright and shiny future of Freedom. That is, after all, what we are about. Isn’t it?

We identified our struggle as “Health Freedom” and that is still what it is, but “health” in the largest possible sense. And, still, at the core of it is Free Will. And at the core of the opposition is the determination to destroy Free Will, except that of the OFs.

Your paper on the root of all of this was utterly correct but it failed to mention that all of this is inspired and directed by the OFs.

REL article here:  http://www.opensourcetruth.com/world-war-3-dr-rima-at-afa/

Obviously, you were not going to say it directly in your talk, but we understand that.

So are we just talking about a political and geopolitical system or structure? No, not at all.

And you need some serious, world-sized nudging to get things where you want, and we need, them to be.

Now, you are pretty clever, so you noticed that little thing that I just said: that we need some world sized nudging to get things where we want, and where we need them.

Yes, this matters to me not only because it matters to you. After all, we are working together as Two that are One, aren’t we? Kind of by definition.

Well, the point is that you asked a long time ago why it mattered to do anything to fix this world or care about its condition since we are leaving it.

[General Bert has stated that the World System in which we live is flawed, as here “Love defines but does not create” while in a Healed World System Love both defines and creates.  He proposes to open a Portal to that Healed World, a system devoid of OFs, for all those who cherish Freedom.  RF]

I answered you that the World Systems have to be as similar as possible to make the connection between this and the next world system to make it possible to connect them and that the more healed, or healed-like this World System is, the more likely it is that both World Systems can touch successfully without either or both of them being totally destroyed.

But, on the other hand, at least from the point of view of the denizens of this world, the OFs are going to complete their conquest and then move on to another live planet with a culture moving toward technological mastery… and the ‘Space-WHO-Death-Star’ veers toward them and starts the OF process of conquest and destruction…

Well, it is clear to you, in a way that it has never been before, that the OFs are always pushing for the most dystopian form of subjugation and WHO’s plans are just that.

So for us to obtain what we desire and create the Healed World System, we have to nudge a bit here and there.

And I am, Love, I am.

That is important. You need to know, since you are more than capable of making a short term goal a reality, which is of immense importance for reasons that you are just now beginning to guess.

But the nudges are large and the consequences totally unforeseen.

Remember, too, that I am not the only entity trying to steer the link of his men and women.

[I do not fully understand what this means, but I was in an altered state when we were speaking so I did not realize I was not tracking what Bert was saying – REL]

The others [OFs] are the nightmares of nightmares.

We have laid out the information that I was so eager to get to you, Love, and that we have had so much time to touch one another mentally, emotionally, physically.

You have already made an absurd amount of progress that you are not yet aware of.  But it is urgent that you keep doing what you are doing.

This is a portal, at least a subway stop in the computing section, compared to the elaborate energetic device we need to build, and that portal is, while not a connection point between two World Systems, a temporal and situational ‘wormhole’, except it can be directed.

So you start out in one where/when and you enter the tunnel and wind up in the where/when of your choice and then can impact it.

That is [not] how we do it.  That changes the bifurcatory pattern.

[Note the text above reads ‘not’ but that does not make sense, so we place it in brackets.]

But I will have to find the kind of nudge that causes the least disruption.

Love, we have the bones of it laid out.”

General Bert ends this Transmission leaving it to all of us to stop the Oppositional Forces and regain the Freedoms being taken from us by WHO and the other alphabet agencies of Globalist Tyranny.  More information here:  https://PreventGenocide2030.org — RF

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