A Message to Medscape


A message from Dr. Rima:  here is the comment I posted (pending, probably will not be posted) on Medscape to their question about how medical professionals deal with “vaccine hesitancy.”

If you examine carefully what is meant by “effective” you find that what are called “vaccines” are, in fact, patented as gene therapies and do NOT provide effective antigenic protection against the reported pathogen.

Further, you find that the word “safe” cannot fairly be applied to these injections which have only received Emergency use Authorization, have skipped animal testing and are producing serious adverse events in unacceptable numbers.

A recent Johns Hopkins study shows that healthy children have a zero risk of COVID-19 mortality so any adverse event related to the injections is unacceptable.

The diagnostic strategies are statistically and scientifically worthless and the damage to epithelial, neurological, hematological, cardiac and reproductive tissues is immense, making the use of these novel gene therapies untenable.

Further, the dishonesty of the regulatory agencies is nothing short of breathtaking as they cook the books for cases (PCRs with outrageous replication cycles, up to a meaningless 45)), change the rules for testing for jabbed patients (PRs using RCs only up to 24 to produce low positive numbers) and inject known toxicants like graphene oxide.

Graphene oxide is not a listed ingredient, yet competent analytic methods in the hands of reputable scientists show that it is included for non health-related reasons in a jab causing vast harm in huge numbers of people while that is being obscured and denied by agencies which the public and professionals need to trust.

The situation is a massive disaster and I, for one, will be going nowhere near any such procedure while I advise patients and colleagues to take the same cautious position.


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