World Wide Demonstration 3.0

World Wide Freedom Rally 3.0
24 July 2021


Since the “legacy” controlled media have banned mention of the WWDs, anti-globalists worldwide are organizing over alternative media. Here are some organizing links:

New Jersey:

🇺🇸 USA:


For More Information

WWR 1.0 – 20 March 2021 –
WWR 2.0 – 15 May 2021 –
WWR 3.0 – 24 July 2021 –

14 thoughts on “World Wide Demonstration 3.0

    1. It’s hard to find a complete list anywhere because this movement is sort of a “do it yourself” thing but it might be at your nearest big city…

  1. Over the years I have become universal in my thinking. This way I go beyond the need or limits of belief. We need to transcend the boundaries of racial heritage and intellectual capacity. Can we make our environment receive Divine Transmission and communicate it to others? Without this as a role to play, the experience in the Greater Community will have a devastating impact on Humanity.

    We have come to preserve the world and protect the human family from decline and subjugation from the evil puppet masters we call leaders.

  2. The truth finds a way. Eugenics 101 is now in session. Take the jab end up on a slab wearing a toe tag.

  3. Is there going to be one tomorrow here in nyc, and if there are were? so i can join. Bx here.

  4. I just watched a documentary about the history of Eugenics. Awful, I’m not going to be a part of those things, ever!

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