A4M Recognizes Vocal Profiling

Sharry Edwards MEd, Originator of Human BioAcoustics

Media Release from www.vocalprofiling.com

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) recognized a highly promising, innovative protocol by previously including BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling outcomes at their International Conference

The Vocal BioMarker market is expected to reach revenues of 2.5 Billion in the next few years* as wellness leaders like A4M join the dissemination efforts of this emerging science.

In early 2000, the acknowledged leader of the trailblazing field, Sharry Edwards, MEd, through the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health, was able to proclaim this tenet, “People with similar wellness issues have similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies and BioMarkers.”

Like the sour notes in a song, discordant vocal sounds may indicate a lack of equilibrium.  Likewise, a voice anomaly BioAcoustic BioMarker may indicate a lack of optimal health.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is committed to spreading awareness concerning innovative, cutting-edge science and research. In addition, they educate and advocate for innovative diagnostic tools to aid physicians and health care providers in the hopes of reshaping, redefining and restructuring the face of medicine.

Last year this prestigious group of physicians and scientific organizers decided to include one of the most novel, yet advanced protocols of the day, Human BioAcoustics, as part of their annual International conference held in Las Vegas.

John Apsley, MD, DO, introduced a BioAcoustic case study concerning Russ Rudy, MD, who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS); resulting in serious leg muscle atrophy and neuropathy.  Rudy was informed that his situation was dire, incurable and nothing more medically could be done for him; he was sent home to die with a Baclofen pump installed to help control the pain.

Instead of accepting the death sentence, Dr. Rudy visited the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health in Albany, Ohio where voice analysis was being explored as a diagnostic tool for health issues.

A computerized evaluation identified frequency-based BioMarkers which indicated spinal damage signatures within Rudy’s vocal architectures and further indicated that MS markers were not present.

Rudy consequently remembered a skiing accident 20 years prior which confirmed the computer- identified spinal injury. Specific ambient sound formulations designed to entrain the brain to return the body to normal form and function were provided to Rudy based on the individual properties of his voice.

Over the next few weeks, lab reports consistently confirmed that nerve recruitment was taking place from Rudy’s waist to his toes. The Baclofen pump was removed (usually done at autopsy), his legs now support him, and he no longer needs a scooter to move about.

Rudy was able to return to his medical practice as an emergency room physician once again.

In support of ongoing BioMarker education, Edwards has created an online, public WorkStation that offers access to thousands of frequency-based biological biomarkers that can provide self-evaluation and create computerized management reports.

Edwards sees the human brain as being akin to a computer’s central processing unit that sends binary signals of instruction to support the body’s functions. The evidence she and her small staff at the Institute have amassed, show that the body can be influenced to heal itself using frequency, sound and music.  Edwards’ conclusions show that her work has been able to reveal the foundational mathematical codes of frequency-based medicine.  “Math as Medicine has been a long-time coming but it is our Future,” states Edwards.

Early on, Edwards met with the National Institute of Health, considered their opinions and followed their recommendation.

The SoundHealthPotal (.com) offers Tools and Solutions to the public and wellness providers alike.  Each month the Institute sponsors  demonstrations and classes for professionals, clients and interested individuals.

Human BioAcoustics is among the many innovative modalities that are emerging from the ancient knowledge of bio-fields that the A4M organization is helping to support and disseminate.

The influence and importance of music and sound therapy is rapidly becoming of interest to the conventional medical community because sound therapy has proven its worth; and will be intrinsically valuable as part of the future of medicine.


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