As a man with a moral compass I want this to stop


This heart-felt message [1] was submitted by a UK undertaker to the Kingdom’s Chief Coroner and other public officials.

My name is John and I run my own funeral home in Milton Keynes – this is me  I have been a funeral director for 15 years, ten of those were spent with the cooperative funeral care and the last five I have been running my own funeral home.  During this time I spent 7 years working as a coroners removal man, dealing with the recovery of deceased on behalf of the coroner in my area which was Northamptonshire.

I write to you with very grave concerns around these Covid vaccinations and Covid generally, over the last 20 months I have seen a series of very disturbing patterns and patterns in death rates and circumstance’s surrounding Covid…

I speak regularly to NHS Nurses and Doctors seeing this on their wards prior to these deaths and in fact one nurse told me of a ward with 12 patients with thrombosis in their arms – this is not normal, it’s criminal…

I write to you in the hope that these patterns will be acknowledged by you and addressed and that some effort will begin to stop what is happening as they target children in schools now, children not old enough to vote, drive a car, get married or place a wager, but apparently now old enough to be coerced behind their parents’ backs and without parental consent to consent themselves (illegally) to become part of an experiment using a gene therapy…

I also know that many of these children are now very sick and many are dying – I have spoken to the parents of some of these children personally.

Prior to children being injected, not a single child to my knowledge had died from Covid and again I have spoken to many other funeral homes globally to confirm this – they are dying now in numbers after these injections Sir and death rates in teenagers are on the rise, again you will be aware of this.

I have seen video testimony from one headmaster who explains he now has 14 of his pupils off and very ill after these injections, that is in a single school.

I also find a growing number of people coming into my funeral home very upset and the medical neglect they feel they have suffered over the last 20 months as GP’s work from the comfort of their sitting rooms, earning far more money NOT seeing patients and I can go into great detail about this, but I am sure you are aware of it.

As a man with a moral compass I want this to stop Sir and I’d like to think you feel the same way – it has to stop.

The crisis is upon us.  The major public institutions, such as NHS in the UK or the CDC in the USA have been exposed as agencies unconcerned with the real-world consequences of their failed “public health” interventions; failures which they now seek to hide.  As the author warns us, now they are coming after the children.  Are you ready to stop them yet?

There are many steps you can take to help stop the Declared Pandemic Madness.  These range from withdrawing your children from the government’s schools to joining the now weekly Saturday demonstrations in literally thousands of cities and towns world-wide.

You can also help by contributing to the costs of research and litigation, here:



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