Australian Greens love affair with pro vax hate group Stop The AVN (SAVN)

Published on Jun 28, 2016

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale personally thanked members of hate cyber bullying group, Stop the Australian Vaccination Network ( SAVN) in parliament. This video exposes evidence of their cyber abuse to parents and citizens who advocate for choice in Vaccination. Senator Di Natale personally thanked in parliament SAVN facebook page founder Daniel Raffaele who made violent threats and phone calls against AVN founder Meryl Dorey. His threats were so serious that she had to obtain an AVO ( Apprehended Violence Order ) against him.
Di Natale also thanked Skeptic, Peter Bowditch who has harassed mothers of vaccine injured kids and talks about orgasms and dead children along with Ken McLeod who has posted the home address of Meryl Dorey and urged his hate filled followers to dump toxic waste at her home. Do not vote for the Greens if you care about freedom! Will you vote for a party that doesn’t support human rights and praises hate groups to carry out abuse and even death threats?

This disgusting campaign of hate, fear, intimidation & propaganda has gone on long enough in Australia so it’s time we expose this evil for what it is. There is a criminal conspiracy being implemented in Australia by people who seem to think that it’s ok to threaten & bully anyone who dares to speak out about their health freedoms. It’s also very important to note that these cyber bully thugs also supply the Murdoch media (NEWSCORP) with dirt on people within the anti vaccination & pro choice movement. Hate groups, like SAVN are clearly pushing an agenda for Big Pharma & this gets recycled through the media in the most hateful, disgusting, bias & treacherous manner imaginable. Hard working, good parents are being made out to be criminals by these ghouls, simply for choosing not to vaccinate their children. This criminal intimidation of the health freedom movement in Australia must be exposed so please share this & if you are in Australia, please do not support the Green party.

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