Australian Vaccine Trial in High School Coercing Children to participate By Offering iTunes Vouchers

Written by Bernie Smith

Giving children a $20 or $40 iTunes voucher to be part of vaccine testing trial…

There seem to be some moral issues with this. Especially when you realize that these children are not being told of the potential dangers that could arise from being a test subject in a pharmaceutical trial.

See the text of the flyer below. Which is quick to tell that meningococcal is a deadly and maiming disease. That the disease is carried by 20% of adolescents and that you will get it from kissing. It can even be transmitted by coughing and sneezing. The fear mongering machine at its best.

The flyer reads like an advertisement for the vaccine.

But it is an untested vaccine that is being tested by coercion on school going children in Australia. Without informed consent and any input from parents. They spread fear to coerce the students into complying and receiving an iTunes voucher is nothing less than coercion as well.

Another question is: Who is paying for these vouchers? Is it the Meningitis Centre Australia or is it the pharmaceutical company behind this new vaccine. Misusing the trust of Australian students to conduct their pharmaceutical trial.

I guess a smart way of conducting business and saving some money and potential liability claims in the testing phase.

Read for yourself here

Free Vaccines for SA Students: Can This Meningococcal B Study Stop Teens From Spreading the Disease?

Teenage couple

If you have any questions about this disgusting conduct you can contact the Meningitis Centre Australia at 1800 250 223


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