Ben Swann Releases “Whistleblower Claims CDC Covered up Vaccine-Autism Links” Video, Pro Vaxxers Froth


By Z. Truthistold

The KJPVM  (Knee Jerk Pro Vax Media) are frothing, predictably, at the revelations that Merck’s MMR vaccines cause autism, CDC has known that vaccines can, indeed, cause autism for many years and has actively and criminally suppressed this information relying on “experts” with enormous conflicts of interest.

The KJPVM routinely provides a line of journalistic defense against any information breeching this disinformation. When CBS journalists Ben Swann released “CDC, Vaccines and Autism”, a documentary focusing on Thompson’s revelations on January 26, 2016, focusing on the sworn testimony and documents provided by William W. Thompson, PhD, a senior scientist at CDC documenting this scientific fraud, the attack media dogs sprang into full cry to defend their repeated mantra, “Autism is NOT caused by Vaccines- Science Proves It”. That incorrect, but widely-believed mantra rests in part on a Thompson’s seminal CDC paper published 13 years ago[1].

CDC Whistleblower Thompson, who was granted whistleblower immunity by President Obama on February 7, 2016, details precisely how, and why, he helped to suppress vitally important information showing that babies vaccinated with Merck’s MMR vaccine before 36 months have a 340% increase in autism and that the effect is greatest in black male babies who have an even greater risk. Thompson all of this negative information was removed from the paper.

In his statement[2] to his whistleblower attorney, Thompson makes it clear that the suppression of data, including the physical shredding of what the other authors believe to be the only copy of computer and hard copies, was carried out under the supervision and direction of the top officers of CDC, including its then-chief, Dr. Julie Gerberding.

Thompson provided all documents to Congressman Richard Posey (R, FL) who then provided them to Swann whose documentary “CDC, Vaccines and Autism”, focuses on the corruption at CDC which could not only permit, but encourage such criminal malfeasance.

The CDC is the frequent target of scathing reports by the Government Accountability Office (GAO)[3] which regularly finds fraud, deceit, misuse of funds, incompetent handling of biosecurity responsibilities and materials, etc.

Mandatory vaccination, supported by these false data and deceptive proclamations of safety, is being widely supported by both the media and organizations with heavy financial and political conflicts like the CDC.  Information on how to assert your legally protected right of Informed Consent to refuse all vaccines is available here,

Swann’s video can be viewed here:







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