Biden Advised to Prioritize COVID Vaxx

Biden Advised to Prioritize COVID Vaxx

CNBC reports [1] former Biden adviser recommendation:  “Osterholm said that the administration should attempt to administer as many first doses of vaccine as it can, particularly to those over 65-years-old, ahead of a potential surge in cases linked to mutations found overseas.”

The main problem with that advice is that the vaccines were never safety tested for the elderly population!  Only healthy and young volunteers were used to test the vaccines, and those tests did not prove vaccine safety.  In fact, all vaccines have been held by our courts to be “unavoidably unsafe.”

So, once again, the Government is about to the opposite of what it should do to stop any pandemic.

What has the plan been?

  1. Isolate — thereby preventing the Community Immunity which is the only way our species can learn to “live with” a novel virus.
  2. Mask — which has no proven benefit, but can cause harm to half the people who are required to be masked.
  3. Rush Vaccines — although there has never been a safe coronavirus vaccine, or a successful gene-altering vaccine!

What would a sane public health response have been?

  1. Community Continuity — allowing normal life to continue to allow Community Immunity to develop from subclinical and mild cases.
  2. Careful Quarantine and self isolation for vulnerable persons who feel that need.
  3. Nutritional and Social Support for healthy immune response.

As usual… what politicians touch they destroy.

Just say NO! #DontYouDare —



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