#Don’tYouDare Pfizer/Moderna “Vaccines” Gene Therapies, Not Vaccines, Provide NO COVID Protection


Assert Your Right of Informed Consent!

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, January 31, 2021

Note: certain words which evoke censorship have been modified intentionally to minimize the chance of restriction of speech and opinion.

Neither Pfizer-BioNTech nor Moderna has produced a product which meets the legal definition of a va((ine. If they marketed their so-called  “va((ines” as what they are, Gene Therapy biological agents. designed for chemotherapy ‘prophylaxis against a disease which cannot be properly diagnosed using current testing methods’, they would not be covered by the blanket immunity from financial responsibility granted to vaxx makers, marketers and merchants. Instead, the appallingly high rate of serious, life threatening and lethal impacts would expose them to huge financial risk.

Vaxx’s are legally defined as preparations using all or part of a living organism to induce immunity, that is, protection against infection with the agent which the vaxx is made from or targeted toward.

Both of the currently deployed va((ines fail to meet that test.  Pfizer admitted that chimpanzees who had received this preparation still developed clinical disease after exposure to the alleged vaxx. Moderna admits that the preparation being administered was not evaluated for the development of immunity and both of them focus only on one part of the alleged COVID-19 pathogen. This in no way results in the development of either immunity, reduction of transmission of the virus or reduction of disease. Further, it in no way results in a lessening of severity of symptoms if the disease does develop.

What do these biological devices do? They serve as gene therapies, chemotherapeutic agents, for a disease that is not present in the people receiving it.

Dr. Martin asks in this vitally important video how many people would volunteer to be experimented upon with gene therapy for a disease they do not have and which has a 99+% survival rate. Would you? How about putting this agent, whose danger is just beginning to become clear, into your parents or children? 

Are there, as the Russians allege, nanochips in this preparation? Is the reverse transcriptase which weaves the mRNA into your DNA harmful? deadly? carcinogenic? an infertility/sterility agent? Does it shorten lifespans? Does it cause immune dysfunction? Alzheimer’s Disease? Parkinson’s Disease? Diseases and conditions that have no name yet?

All this with, under the deceptive label of a vax((ine, without any liability on the part of the companies involved at all.

Step right up.

Or not.

How about not? Since the faux vaxx is experimental, the FDA says that you have the right to be informed about its benefits and risks and refuse it.

Spoiler alert: you already have the right to refuse any and all vaxxes because you have the right of Informed Consent. You must assert it properly so that it cannot be waived. Combinations of Advance Medical Directive Cards | Product categories | Natural Solutions Online Store (nsfmarketplace.com)



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