Billy Te Kahika & Vinny Eastwood “Convicted”

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Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood: Together Again!
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Freedom’s Friends in New Zealand Convicted
For Protesting Mask Mandates
While Not Masked

Billy and Vinny

This announcement from Billy Te Kahika Blog

Billy and Vinny Eastwood Found Guilty
New Zealand Freedom is officially dead.

Billy Te Kahika
Thu, Dec 15, 9:31 PM

It is official, New Zealand is a totalitarian regime-controlled country – Freedom is dead and buried.

New Zealand Civil Rights Activist & Former Politician Billy Te Kahika has been found guilty.

In the Auckland District Court today along with Vinny Eastwood, I have been found guilty of breaching the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 for protesting against lockdown harm during New Zealand’s last Covid lockdown in 2021. The right to peaceful assembly for protest is meant to be protected by the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 sections 14 and 16 and also as protection against Government overreach.

It is ironic that recently Jacinda Ardern loudly championed the rights of Iranian’s to peacefully protest. These protests were crushed by Iranian Authorities.

In great self-righteousness, she condemned Iran’s Government for being undemocratic and totalitarian.

And yet this very scenario has happened in New Zealand. As a community serving, God fearing and country loving person without convictions, I have been persecuted, prosecuted and criminalized by Ardern’s Government for peaceful protest against the harms they know were caused from lockdowns.

These lockdowns prevented nothing, offered no benefit to our country, only causing massive almost immeasurable harm.

The same day I protested and was arrested, a 14-year-oldgirl in the rural community where I live ended her life. Most likely due to lockdown anxiety. NZ Mainstream Media have reported that over 5600 kiwi children over 10 years of age have needed emergency room help from self-harm episodes due lockdown anxiety over the past two years.

Compounding the problem we have a corrupt leftist, woke media providing the macabre backdrop to a Nazi-esque drama read out from the Ardern Government’s communist playbook of tyranny. Tragic yet true. They truly do not know they too are under the Jackboot as millions of Soviet Russians found out at the hands of Stalin.

With the ‘NZ freedom movement’ in disarray and without any semblance of calm and logical argument emanating from it, It seems that the Government now has a clear run at introducing tyranny at will without any sensible and meaningful resistance to it.

I guess it is time to arrange the family and order the flowers for the wake because freedom is apparently now dead and buried in New Zealand.

BUT, I shall still be following my conscience and continue my peaceful, calm and informed fight against tyranny.

Please support Vinny and I with our plight against tyranny and persecution.

We will be sentenced in March 2023.


During the 2020 New Zealand General Elections Billy Te Kahika was voted 3rd equal as the preferred Prime Minister in the prestigious Colmar Brunton Political Poll. The first time ever for a first time, new entrant politician.

Mr Te Kahika was then leader of the New Zealand Public Party and co-leader of Advance New Zealand that became the fastest grown political party in New Zealand’s political history. His online following was bigger than the Prime Minister’s and he was viewed as a serious contender and has been engaged with by over 10 million people. He is recognised as the voice of calm informed leadership in the New Zealand freedom movement.

Billy Te Kahika is Producing, Writing and Directing ‘River of Lies – The New Zealand Scamdemic Investigative Documentary’ –

5 thoughts on “Billy Te Kahika & Vinny Eastwood “Convicted”

  1. I’m so sorry to read about the conviction of Billy and Vinny. I followed both avidly before the 2020 election and felt real hope for New Zealand.
    Wishing both men all the best and hoping a miracle will keep them out of prison and able to continue their search for truth and justice for the people of NZ

  2. Need an editor and publisher for national and international distribution? I know who could do this for practically free.

  3. To put truth behind bars is, at best, TRAGICO-COMICAL. It is as retarded as the moon landing where no one bothered to ask the most obvious questions concerning the ‘moon shots’ because Sacred Science, or SS for… short, DIRECTED THE EVOLUTION OF OPINION. This is why Mr Cupcake Trudeau warned against what he dared call UNACCEPTABLE VIEWS.
    It appears speaking truthfully now equals holding an unacceptable view.

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