“blessings of da bodhicitta” (a poem by Tom Cox)

blessings of da bodhicitta



shot, wisdom-nectar in a syringe,

da holy swab pole-vaulting its way up

nasal passages to hook itself into your pineal gland,

a dharmakaya’s dram of spike proteins

collecting at the rims of offering bowls,

tormas glazed with graphene oxide,

dorjes and bells aggregating into blood clots,

a celestial mansion gone viral, oh how


enlightenment has never been more beautiful, a succulent

pear so very indelibly infused with myocarditis and bell’s palsy,

a sadhana of quarterly reports incanted

into a blue night, thangkas glowing

with hydrogel, a choir of monks

chanting the liturgy of boosters

to boost da bindu into the central channel—


forget about retreats and the paramitas!

now we got the five poisons all in one,


a bargain basement injection all the way to Dewachen,

better than rebates or ponzi schemes,


Nirvana in a vial, dakinis

eternally poised at the end of a needle


             september 19th, 2021


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