An Open Letter to the Dharma Community and All Spiritual Communities Similarly Divided

An open letter to the Dharma Community and all spiritual communities similarly divided:

One of the few things these days people can agree about is that these are extraordinarily difficult times, full of conflicting narratives, misinformation, incomplete data and uncertain outcomes.  We can also agree that tremendous division is happening in all quarters of our human world, within families, within neighborhood blocks, townships, and most notably perhaps within all religious communities of whatever stripe.  Our world is going through paroxysms of faith, identity, motivation and social and cultural breakdown like never before, in which all our dearly held institutions are being transformed and purified or else they’re destined to perish in the mushroom clouds of the past.

These things we can agree about, if I’m not mistaken.

Within the realm of Dharma, it’s also generally agreed that Dharma and politics mustn’t mix, for the obvious reason that worldly beliefs are relative and the pristine wisdom of Padmasambhava and other great masters is ultimate, and to mix the two would instill doubt and pollute the integrity of the Dharma teachings in the minds of many.  So it is teachers of the Dharma avoid matters of politics as a usual matter of course and justifiably so.

However, as with all tenets of the path, there are exceptions, as the Dharma is ultimately about expediency and the spontaneous wisdom of the present moment far more than it is about the written word, what exists for the purpose of providing signposts to guide one’s way, not to be enshrined with dogmatic fervor and a zeal of belief that discourages an open and questioning mind.  As the Buddha said, examine everything, including what I teach.  This is how we make the teachings our own living wisdom within us, and in this everyone’s path is different.  This is boilerplate Buddhism 101, what beginning students and practitioners hear again and again, and also what more seasoned practitioners hear again and again.

In the case of today, I think it can also be generally agreed that our human world is under biological attack, what has been the case going back to the early twentieth century with the beginning of the Rockefeller Initiative to destroy all natural medicine.  Our world has been deluged with toxic poisons for a century, from DDT to pesticides to fluoride, heavy metals and radiation and neonicotinoids destroying bee populations, and on and on.  So much disease has arisen as a result, in which one might say that, as an analogy, a fish is only as healthy as the water in which it swims, or, in terms of a human being, we are only as healthy as the water in which our body swims.  In this light, the approach of modern medicine has not been to remove impurity in restoring health but rather to counteract the poison of our environment in our bodies with yet other poisons, most of which end up killing the patient with other harmful side effects and diseases, that then in turn are treated with yet other chemical poisons.  In the end, pharmaceutical companies are enriched beyond all measure while legal systems are generally rigged to protect them.

This also is generally agreed, as it simply is common sense, not to mention all the empirical evidence for this that’s accumulated over decades.  Of course, this is not to deny or obfuscate the very occasional usefulness of modern day pharmacology, in emergency settings or more acute conditions that require immediate stabilizing.

Aside from that, however, greed has turned healthcare into disease care, into creating states of perpetual illness among the masses.  This has undermined tremendously the collective spiritual and mental health of our species, whereby rational thought and processes of logic have diminished to the point where fear and fight-or-flight mentalities have largely come to define how the masses respond to changing conditions.  As a college educator for more than twenty years, I’ve seen a precipitous decline in critical thinking skills, in which the average attention span has gone from about a half hour to less than ten seconds.

Much of this has to do with how much our world has become about digital technology and black screens, in which even how we communicate with each other has become primarily defined by these mediums, in which face to face encounters are now arguably more in the minority in terms of meaningful exchanges that happen between one person and another.  This has happened gradually enough that we’ve accepted these technologies without too much resistance, despite all the studies that show how damaging they can be to all levels of our health.

As an example, it’s been demonstrated that these HD Smart Tv technologies create patterns of behavior all about a kind of irrational altruism, instilling in the minds of the participants of these technologies a desire to demand others practice the same sort of virtue they do, what has come to be called ‘virtue signaling.’  This is just one example of how they distort perception and behavior. Behind them all are different levels of mind control, conditioning, programming, a kind of mesmerization of humanity that provides a ground for the technofascism that now exists in China, for instance.

The overarching word for this phenomenon and agenda is transhumanism, what Google and Silicon Valley and Ray Kurzweil and many others have been openly advertising as their objective, what amounts to creating a bridge between human bodies and minds and the ‘internet of things.’  Elon Musk has developed the Neuralink, technology much touted that provides a cable link between the brain and the virtual reality of the mainframe, in which its medium to create this link is a substance called hydrogel.  The main ingredient of hydrogel is graphene oxide.  There’s not a trace of ‘conspiracy theory’ in this.  It’s right there in the patents.

Which brings us to the case of today.  Recently, I’ve been getting accused of mixing Dharma and politics to do with the great controversy surrounding these experimental drugs called “Covid vaccines.”  I’m told there is no representing of Dharma in this case in an “authentic” way.

Recently, it’s been empirically determined by a group of Spanish researchers called “La Quinta Columna” and subsequently by others as well, and confirmed by former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston, that these shots largely consist of graphene oxide, the very same ingredient that makes Elon Musk’s Neuralink (apparently) work, what is a highly toxic poison that they also determined manifests symptomatically as “Covid.”  Dr. Robert Young has determined through spectroscopy analysis the same recently, that graphene oxide is mainly what these shots consist of.

It seems obvious to conclude that these shots have very little, if anything, to do with preventing disease.  They have everything to do with maximizing graphene levels in the body for the purpose of creating a medium so that we can all be connected to the “internet of things,” amounting to the merging of human and machine consciousness.  In this lies the hijacking of free will, of any and all freedom to do and think as one will, and destroys any possibility of engaging in any enlightenment process in Vajrayana or otherwise.  It sounds like a bad science fiction B movie yet the evidence is incontrovertible at this point.

When the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1949, how did the great bodhisattva Garchen Rinpoche respond?  Did he stay in his cave at the time and finish his retreat?  No, he left it and became a khampa on horseback and used a rifle to kill Chinese soldiers.  He was willing to take on the karma of that for the sake of defending the Dharma itself.

Now it’s not just a border that’s being threatened, it’s our very capacity to practice the Dharma.  In such times, I’d submit the Dharma must, out of necessity, engage politics.  We bask in equanimity and the calmness of our cushions at our peril.  As such, I for one am not going to idly stand by.  Out of the bodhisattva ethic, I’m going to warn others that these shots are not medicinal, like most everything else that’s come out of pharmaceutical corporations.  They’re bioweapons designed to either kill or, if you survive, transform the recipient into a prime candidate for the transhumanist agenda.

But please don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research as I have done mine as an employee of the Natural Solutions Foundation dedicated to fighting big pharma and its genocidal objectives.  There are now many doctors and scientists (not bought and paid for) who share the same view.  They at least deserve your consideration if not agreement.

In the Dharma and monpo tashi delek,

Ngakpa Khampa Dorgyal (Thomas Cox)

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