BREAKING: Medical Kidnapping Happening Right Now In Australia

Follow the events through Peter Little’s Live. The tyrannical medical establishment is chasing Chase again.

Thanks to all the people coming together today and sharing and being involved with this story. Thanks to the wonderful people that have come out on a cold night in Newcastle to stand outside the hospital! Thanks to the beautiful people driving Graeme to the airport across Melbourne and the people driving him from Sydney to Newcastle. We are a beautiful community and together we stand strong. Together we will stop this evil in its tracks!

We need to stand up and make sure he is not drugged. They will kill him if they get a chance.


Marc was locked in a bathroom so they could take Chase away!!! Watch him live!!

Chase in the hospital without anyone looking out for him! Under the control of DOCS (Child Services)!!

Paul Robert Burton Live with an update from John Hunter Hospital.

Update on Cini getting arrested from Karen Burge at John Hospital:

 “The doctor said Chase was not in any medical danger and was able to go home but had to ask docs, 5 mins later we heard Cini screaming and being dragged from
Emergency by police every one that went to her aid was sprayed with pepper spray 😭”

Cini arrested by the police. Doctor confirmed he is not in medical danger. They are still taking Chase!!!! Child Services are the devil!! Protesters capsicum sprayed!

Karen Burge’s live from the protest outside of John Hunter Hospital!
#IstandwithChase – Make it go VIRAL!!!

Karen Burge’s and Paul Robert Burton’s live of the moment the police and child services are trying to take Chase away from his loving family!

Graeme’s plane is set to leave Melbourne at 9.20pm. He is due to arrive in Sydney at 10.45pm. A beautiful person has stood up and is willing to take him to Newcastle by car. Graeme should be at John Hunter Hospital around 1 am!

Graeme made it the airport on time and is waiting for his plane to leave!

Cini was assaulted.

Graeme frantically trying to get to the airport on time!

Graeme first talking about this story from in front of Greg Hunt’s office in hastings!

Chase’s Vaccine Injury- Facts The Biased Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

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