BUSTED! COVID Vaxx “Safety” Demo Uses Empty Syringe!

COVID Vaxx “Safety” Demo Uses Empty Syringe!


Opinion from Rima E. Laibow, MD

Just how stupid do the would-be controllers think we are? The above “safety” propaganda piece showing us how “safe” the experimental COVID-19 is uses a syringe with no liquid in it. Why?

Because the person receiving it does not want anything so quickly rushed into production, with so little testing in his body? Or is it because the Department of Bioethics at the University of Medicine at El Paso raised objections?

Or because it would have been embarrassing to have a healthy person gasping for air on camera should they, like others receiving the real experimental vaccine, have a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction?

In any even, even if the syringe had been full of their toxic brew, showing a rolled up sleeve, a biceps and a puncture is most definitely not the same as vaccine safety, even if the recipient does not keel over at the moment of injection

Bill Gates is on record saying that the mRNA vaccines will alter your genes forever and that, he says, is a “good thing.”

The happy cheer leaders say “No”, it will “just” instruct your immune system to do something on a permanent basis that it might do, on its own, if it were developing Community Immunity to a pathogen.

That’s how humans have always dealt with novel pathogens:  enough people are exposed to decreasing levels of an attenuating virus and we develop Community Immunity and the disease “learns” to live with us instead of killing us.

But, with exactly what long term consequences?

Well, not ones that you can expect to see when an empty syringe is plunged into someone’s arm!

How about the impact on fertility? Unknown.

How about the impact on immune function? Cancer? Blood Brain barrier? Sterility? Unknown.

Brain development in children? Brain atrophy in adults? Auto Immune disease? Unknown.

The longest observation period in this mad dash for the Cliff of Vaccinated Lemmings is just 8 weeks and most volunteers were not observed for that long.

What about the animal studies? Oh, wait! Although FDA required that they be done at the same time as the Phase I and II studies on humans, who conducted them and what the results have been have not been made public.

Why not? Perhaps for the same reason that the “Safety Demonstration” syringe is empty: because they are not supportive of injecting this brew into anyone at all.

People in the clinical trials were healthy people between certain ages with anyone who had any of a long list of conditions and diseases ruled out.

But, illogically and terrifyingly to me as a physician, these very same vaccines are now being rushed into the illogically willing bodies of people with these diseases and conditions, people who are not at all like the healthy volunteers who, despite their health, became desperately ill in staggering numbers.

In the Moderna trials, 21% of the healthy volunteers who received the high dose vaccines had reactions so severe that they required medical intervention. That is more than 1 person in 5 who became desperately ill in a group of pre-screened and selected healthy people.

In the low dose group, the desperately ill group was “only” 6%, 1 person in 15.

On the very first day of administration of the Pfizer vaccine in the UK, two people died. DIED, from the “safe” vaccine.

Let me remind you that overall USA death rates have not increased this year over last year in any meaningful way [1] and the survival rates for people who do come down with this disease are over 99%.

How about the survival rates for the experimental vaccines?

When you see the politicians and leaders on TV getting their COVID vaccine shots, what will they be getting?

The dangerous and problem-laden meningitis vaccine used as a “placebo” to mask the real toxicity of the COVID shots, or just some saline.

I am not a betting woman, but my bet would be on saline. They have the power to exercise choice.

Well, here’s the big news: So do we!

By the very nature of an EUA, the vaccine so approved is an experimental substance and everyone MUST be told what the risks are before they receive the shot and given the opportunity to refuse. By law. [2]

Unless you just accept what they tell you and roll up your sleeve.

The syringe you get stuck with will not, I can assure you, be empty and therefore, it will not be safe. All vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

You CAN say #DontYouDare and refuse the vaccines.

We suggest strongly that you use the well-researched Advance Vaccine Directive Card to make your protection of your immune integrity and your health clear.

More about the AVD card here:  https://tinyurl.com/AVDcard



[1] https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/7ACD87D8FD2237285EB667BB28DCC6E9/S1935789320002980a.pdf/public_health_lessons_learned_from_biases_in_coronavirus_mortality_overestimation.pdf

[2] http://www.opensourcetruth.com/fda-admits-your-right-to-refuse-covid-eua-vax/

4 thoughts on “BUSTED! COVID Vaxx “Safety” Demo Uses Empty Syringe!

  1. Thank you all for standing up for those of us who don’t have such inside, knowledge and availability. Do you have a gratitude and support for shining the truth.

  2. I wrote to my minister and asked they why they would consent to get the vaccine when they have aborted fetal cell lines in them. That alone should dissuade any ‘religious types’ from getting this vaccine, which is a form of cannibalism at best.
    I agree, they will probably have the public death officials and poliTICKians get a saline injection, because God forbid Fauci the shark actually practice what he preaches and gets the REAL shot.

  3. When I saw the VP get the vaccine, my words exactly, ‘bet he got the placebo! Don’t trust anything the news promotes”!
    Thank you for confirming my suspicions. I’m not a rocket scientist but I do think for myself.
    I have my ADV card and don’t believe any produced at ‘warp speed’ should be so quickly received.
    Unfortunately, fear will cause a lot of people to fall willingly as victims.

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