#DontYouDare: After Applauding the Jab, Nurse Faints Following Moderna Vax

[NOTE: When I first saw this video the Nurse was clearly suffering from a reaction.  That last part of the video has been abruptly truncated. If you have an unredacted copy, please let me know.  Do not trust any of the “major media.”]

That’s Florida.  How About the UK and Alaska?

Opinion by Dr Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, December 17, 2020

As we know, two people in the UK had serious anaphylactic reactions to the vaccines which was being touted as “safe”.

The response by the British government was appalling, going so far as to put single quotes around the word ADVERSE in the phrase  ADVERSE REACTION, as if collapsing with anaphylactic reactions were not real reaction events caused immediately by the dangerous and ill-tested experimental Pfizer vaccine: 

“After the incident, the national medical director for the NHS in England, Professor Stephen Powis said per the BBC that it is “common” for people to suffer reactions to new vaccines.

“The MHRA have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely yesterday. Both are recovering well,” Powis said.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which is responsible for regulating all medicines and medical devices in the UK, issued advice saying that people with a “significant” history of allergic reactions to food, medicine, or vaccines should avoid taking the vaccine for now. [1]

This sort of reaction, like the nurse’s fainting in TN and the reactions of the Alaskan healthcare workers, is hardly surprising given that people with allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancer, immunosuppression and a host of other conditions, which actually beset huge numbers of people, were excluded from both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s trials.

Given that, what does “safe” mean?  In my opinion as a physician, not much.

These vaccines, authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization provisions in the US ARE EXPERIMENTAL AND, AS SUCH, MAY BE REFUSED BY ANY AND ALL POTENTIAL RECIPIENTS.

I certainly intend to refuse them and tell those who would like to vaccinate me #DontYouDare!

Forward this article widely and use #DontYouDare whenever you are discussing vaccines. 




[1]UK’s Warning After Two Suffer ‘Adverse’ Reaction to Coronavirus Vaccine (breitbart.com) https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/12/09/uk-govt-warns-those-with-history-of-allergic-reactions-to-avoid-corona-vaccine-as-two-healthcare-workers-suffer-reactions/

2 thoughts on “#DontYouDare: After Applauding the Jab, Nurse Faints Following Moderna Vax

  1. Did the nurse in this video faint too? Or did they cut it off to make sure no one would see if she did faint? Nobody knows what ‘vaccine’ these people are really getting, the video of Fauci allegedly getting one means nothing, they could just use saline solution with him for all we know! Trust nothing in the MSM, they are all liars! And Gates had that bugaboo about the infertility drugs that caused all those pregnant women who got a tetanus shot in Kenya to lose their babies.

  2. I had an allergic reaction to a vaccine as a child, and there is no way I’m getting one of these! I also have RA and have managed to get rid of it by watching what I eat, so ferget it! I’m surprised the media is reporting on it at all (the reactions). Maybe because they don’t want people to be surprised when they start falling over.

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