Can You Handle COVID Truth?


“What no one would have predicted in advance of Covid19 is that the extreme lockdown response has produced a natural experiment that actually calls into question the very actions—widespread, mandated vaccines for all‐‐that the infectious disease and public health community have been pushing for years. We should mourn the deaths of the elderly Manhattan nursing home residents but also take heed of the hundreds of avoided infant deaths. Only with that kind of balance will we draw the proper lessons from the pandemic and the lockdowns that have followed in its wake.”

The stats are clear:  according to the Becker/Blaxill paper infant deaths have declined by hundreds of children, including “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS) vaccine adverse reaction deaths. While the the public health authorities complain about the decline in vaccination use during the Declared Pandemic, young lives are being saved.

“Most observers believe they understand this age effect and discount it. That older people die more frequently is no excuse not to protect them from the pandemic. But as we have deployed lockdowns as a blunt instrument to protect the elderly from a tragic and premature loss of life‐years, we have missed a completely unintended and beneficial benefit of the lockdowns: an unexplained collapse in excess deaths among the young, especially children and infants.

“Age effect: children. Deaths among children under 18 years of age are relatively rare and show patterns that are different from their seniors. The pronounced cyclical effect in all‐cause deaths one sees among adults is entirely absent in children. And whereas weekly deaths among adults dominate the overall US death toll—around 13,000 deaths per week in 18‐64‐year‐olds and 35‐40,000 deaths per
week among those 65 and older—weekly deaths among children are scattered across the states and typically fall around 700. Well over half of that occurs in infants under 1 year of age.

“But the pandemic experience has brought on a surprising effect on this expected death rate among children. Starting in early March, expected deaths began a sharp decline, from an expected level of around 700 deaths per week to well under 500 by mid‐April and throughout May.

“As untimely deaths spiked among the elderly in Manhattan nursing homes and in similar settings all over the country, something mysterious was saving the lives of children. As springtime in America came along with massive disruptions in family life amid near universal lockdowns, roughly 30% fewer children died.”

The lesson is clear: do not vaccinate!

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3 thoughts on “Can You Handle COVID Truth?

  1. I am aware of absolutely no scientifically valid evidence that the use of masks had any impact whatsoever on the events in New York City. If you have documentation, not mere assertions, that masks had that impact, please provide it here.
    In the meantime, I stand by the fact that masks are unnecessary for most and dangerous for many.

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