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Three US Congressmen just introduced companion bills to get the US out of the UN, WHO and all associated organizations and entanglements (which would include the utterly disastrous – and legally binding – International Health Regulations (IHR). Sponsors are Chip Roy (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), along with Co-Sponsor Mike Rogers (R- Alabama). You can tell your Congresswo/men to do the right thing right here: cosponsor and pass this legislation right now:

The bills, HR 6645 and S 3428, are identical, companion legislation, and both call for getting us out of the rapidly emerging autocratic world government known as the United Nations + World Health Organization + all the rest of the entanglements, organizations, policy systems and institutions which are sapping our national treasury (we STILL provide 27% of the UN’s budget!), our national strength (WHO directed our utterly unscientific and disastrous COVID-19 response) and our personal rights (WHO’s One Health, UN’s alliance with WEF, engineered food shortages, Vaccine IDs and Passports, global surveillance, etc., etc., etc.)

The UN and each of its subsidiary organizations and agreements is always wrapped in humanitarian newspeak. But, like a “whited sepulcher”, it is a charnel house of globalist malign intent with a façade of grace and goodness thrown over it. And, like a whited sepulcher, the closer you get to it, the stench of its corruption and rot is both unmistakable and undeniable.

I wrote WHO: The Singing Pig not long ago to take a dive into the reality of that bloated, deceitful and nearly unimaginably destructive organization. It is a Sunday picnic thrown by the local Ladies Cheerfulness Society compared to the malignant depth of the United Nations. In fact, none of the global takeover organizations has strayed off the path they were created to follow. World domination by our “betters” and our utter dependence on them has always been woven into the long, slow and careful eugenics design of the predatory “philanthropy” class foisting the system on the trusting public.

By cloaking their real intent, world domination, in pretty words and inverted meaning, the United Nations has brought war and division while the World Health Organization has brought disease and destruction. The IMF/World Bank has brought economic and social ruin and is fixing to do a great deal with CBDC/Social Control. There is no agency or unit of this monstrous system which does not produce the precise opposite of its glowing stated purpose. By design.

The UN currently has the largest standing army after the US, trained largely by the US at US expense, yet US Authorities have little control over their utilization. The WHO is currently seeking billions of dollars to destroy our bodies, our options, our rights and our economy. The IMF and World Bank are currently seeking to create a monetary control system that would enslave every human on the planet. Agenda 2030 is currently being instituted around the world to control limit the movement, activities and autonomy of every person alive – and keep the numbers of those very, very low.

In short, unless and until the United States removes itself from the clutches, control and direction of this organization, nothing that makes the US valuable to itself, to us or to the world can be preserved.

These bills, officially titled the “Disengaging Entirely From the United Nations Debacle (DEFUND) Act, do much more than simply defunding the UN and its organizations. HR 6645 and S 3824 would:

• Repeal the United Nations Participation Act of 1945, which established U.S. membership in the UN.
• Repeal the United Nations Headquarters Agreement Act, thus evicting the UN from its headquarters in New York City.
• Prohibit any U.S. funding for the UN and its affiliated organizations.
• Prohibit U.S. participation in UN peacekeeping operations.
• Revoke diplomatic immunity for UN entities and employees.
• Rescind U.S. membership in the World Health Organization (WHO).
• End participation “in any conventions and agreements with the United Nations” and its affiliates.
• Prohibit the U.S. president from unilaterally entering into agreements with the UN or its affiliates.

In his speech introducing these companion bills, Senator Lee said:

“No more blank checks for the United Nations. Americans’ hard-earned dollars have been funneled into initiatives that fly in the face of our values — enabling tyrants, betraying allies, and spreading bigotry. With the DEFUND Act, we’re stepping away from this debacle… The UN also regularly attacks the American system of government. In just the past several months, UN agencies have issued reports attacking American law enforcement and conservative social policies, while calling for changing the U.S. Constitution, imposing unconstitutional and Marxist policies, and deepening U.S. subservience to the UN….

Such attacks and power grabs shouldn’t surprise those familiar with the UN and its history. From its formation in 1945, the UN was a project of the Deep State to eventually achieve a one-world government. Its recent actions are consistent with its ultimate mission.

Rather than remain a member of — and provide billions of dollars in funding to — an organization that regularly attacks the United States and its system of government, American leaders must restore U.S. sovereignty and defend what the Founding Fathers worked to establish. And it’s up to ordinary citizens — through building an educated electorate — to ensure that our leaders uncompromisingly defend our Republic and God-given freedoms.”

And, speaking of freedoms, while the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights grants rights that it can cancel, the US Constitution affirms that we have unalienable rights which cannot be cancelled. There is no emergency exception to unalienable rights.

The two are fundamentally irreconcilable and the difference is critically important. If we value any aspect of our lives, our government, our economy, our society or our families, we have no option but to make this effort by Congressmen Lee, Roy and Rogers our priority and #ExitTheWHO and #ExitTheUN.

Take Action Here:

Representative Roy said, in introducing the House Resolution, “This year, the United Nations’ corruption, and its despicable, brazen political agenda have been on full display…. The UN doesn’t deserve one single dime of American taxpayer money or one bit of our support; we should defund it and leave immediately.”

There have been cries in Congress to achieve the goal of withdrawing from the UN and its organizations before. In 1981 Rep. Larry McDonald (D-Ga.), introduced the United Nations Termination Act.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) famously introduced such legislation during his long tenure in the House (1976 to 1977, 1979 to 1985, 1997 to 2013). In 2022, Rep. Rogers introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act.

What is different now is that, as the obviously dangerous and arguably insane Klaus Schwab, with his psychopathic henchman Yuval Harari, Covid and the diabolical impact of that manufactured and multifaceted evil and the stunningly inhuman destruction of our children and our society under the tyrannical (and utterly ruthless) Agenda 2030 “Sustainability” [sic] “Development” [sic] Goals have reached a level of public awareness, we have what we have always needed to defeat these wretches: US! Our awareness, our determination, our recognition of what they want to do to us and what we will not allow them to do to us.

And we have a new bill, which each of us can help to turn into law, to exit the death system.

Step one: Inundate your legislators with our support for these companion bills here:

You will have the opportunity to call them once you have sent the email (edit it as you see fit and change the title if you like: this is about YOUR freedom and future. You need to say what you believe is important!)

Step two: Call your elected Congressional Representatives and tell them that you want them to support and pass these vitally important bills.

Step three: Record a 30 second video putting a real face to your demand.

Step four: Tweet a message to your Congresswo/men so that they will get the message yet again and other people will see it as well.

Step five: Share this link,, as if you life depends upon it, motivating others to take these steps, too. Your life actually DOES depend on our getting out of the UN, WHO and all of its foreign entanglements (as our Founding Fathers somehow knew).

Step six: talk about this and find out more. Stay involved in this fight.

Read James Roguski’s substack,, (subscribing is a good idea – he always shares vitally important information and check out

This is YOUR battle and these laws are protective in vitally important ways. BUT passing them will be an uphill battle since the globalists control vast resources, including the mainstream media. And, in reality, the Sock-Puppet-In-Charge, you know, the one who sits in the Oval Office, will, in all likelihood, veto this Act.

That means that we will need a two thirds majority to override the veto.

And I believe, in my deepest heart of hearts, that we can generate that kind of support for this bill, no matter how corrupt or compromised our politicians are. Why? Because the globalists are not fully in control yet, so we still have the benefit of massive public resistance shaping events.

But only when we use it. So, I propose that we keep them from ever getting the kind of control that these monsters are so close to consolidating.

Here’s the link: Use it. Share it.

Let’s do this thing called freedom, shall we?

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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