Informed Dissent: The Book


During the Years of the Declared Pandemic,
On the Way to World War Three: 2019 – 2023

The ‘pandemic’ started in early 2020 but things were already in motion in 2019, with at least one ‘think tank’ running a simulation scenario in October involving a new pandemic disease that would rapidly spread from a lab in a city in China. Perhaps synchronistically at nearly the same time I gave a paper at the Libertarian Scholars’ Conference (King’s College, Manhattan) on Informed Consent.  

Our essays begin with that paper, but reach back to cover the disturbing developments regarding vaccine mandates earlier that year.

The following opinion pieces are divided into two sections: Pandemic and Freedom. Within each section they are mostly organized by date.

With Gratitude to:
Rima E. Laibow MD for reminding us: “Don’t You Dare!”
General Bert for telling the world:
“Informed Consent is the Defining Issue of the 21st Century” and
James Roguski for coining the phrase: “Informed Dissent”

© 2023 – LifeSpirit   By: Ralph Fucetola JD —     ISBN:   978-1-312-57295-9

Contributor Notes:  Your author is a retired lawyer (36 years practice) and minister.  The opinions expressed in Informed Dissent are those of the Author, not necessarily those of the Institute for Health Research.

“Informed Dissent means demanding transparency, open communications and unfettered freedom of speech, which are essential to prevent tyrannical consequences of ‘pandemics-of-convenience’ and widespread chronic ill health.”

Table of Contents

PART ONE: PANDEMIC,Informed Consent Paper,The Seven Principles of Humane Health Care,Rep. Gottheimer Misunderstands,Tribunals of Conscience,The Great Facebook Purge of 2020,Mandatory Masking and the ADA,New York Lawyers Need a Lesson in the Law,”The Police Power of the State is Not without Limits”,An Open Letter to Justin Amash: Speak Out for Informed Consent!,Mind Control and COVID,Martial Law, the US Constitution and COVID-19,Can the USA Survive the COVID Pandemic?,Who is Telling the Truth about COVID-19?,The Good Health Lawyer Obtains Vaccine TRO,Coronavirus and Bioweapons,Deadly Coronavirus from China or CDC?,Call to Veto,NJ Senate Delays Abrogation of Religious Conscientious Objections to Vaccines,Lawyers Against Mandatory Vaccines,The Persecution of Vaccine Conscientious Objectors,Politico Reports:  The “Two Party” System and Vaccine Mandates,Fox News Fake News Vaxx Propaganda Attacks NY Jewish Community,What Measles Outbreak?,Forced Vaccination is a Crime Against Humanity,

PART TWO:  FREEDOM,Libertarians and Nationalists: A New Generation Arises,We are the Resistance to the Great Reset,The Empowered Fear the Powerless,The State of Exception: Tyranny’s Theory,The “White Supremacist” Big Lie,Song Review: By God We’ll Have Our Home Again,The Meme Wars,Ninth Circuit Ignores Second Amendment,Speaking the Unspeakable:  The First Amendment & Violent Overthrow,Is the End of the USA Unthinkable?,Rubicon or Reichstag at the Capitol?,Was the 2020 Election Legitimate?,Nationalist Libertarianism,Federal Communications Commission Comments,Comments to FCC Regarding Trump Censorship Petition,Trump Issues Internet Censorship Policy Order,Social Media Must Honor Freedom of Speech,

APPENDIX,2019 Informed Consent Paper Slides,General Brief on Behalf of Informed Consent,My Biography,Essay Sources & Dates

2 thoughts on “Informed Dissent: The Book

  1. Dear Ralph
    Although my book, borrowed heavily, from a book written in the 19th Century, by M.W. Walbert, the addition of 180 pages, to bring it up to date, actually predicted an event, that I suspected would be the starting pistol for a global Hyperinflationary Collapse, a là Germany and Austria in 1922/23.

    Of course back then I had no clue about Operation Lockstep, nor any details of how it would begin.

    I just knew from the thousands of hours of online discussion with fellow conspiracy theorists, and a similar number in research, that those behind the global banking systems, had a bigger plan afoot, and that this would lead to an eventual battle between these off world reptoid offspring, and those of us, imbued with a higher moral purpose.

    Back then I knew nought of their off-world origins, or the celestial battles being fought between members of the Galactic Federation, nor between the FASCIST SATANISTS and those whose belief in a supernatural deity would pit them against each other.

    I knew nothing of the origin of the man known as Jesus Christ, or how he had been allegedly sent here to imbue us with a higher moral code, by Plaeidians, to raise us to higher consciousness than that which prevailed in pre-biblical times.

    I knew nothing of mRNA, designed pathogens, nor of the work being done in labs on Graphene-Oxide, or self-assembly nano-bots encapsulated in alleged vaccines, that embalmers and Funeral Directors had noticed in the sclerotic arteries and veins, by attempting to replace their mysterious rubber-string-like contents with embalming fluid.
    I knew nothing of the absolute explosion of all cause mortalities, nor the anticipated deaths of entertainers in high stress environments, nor of athletes of all ages mysteriously dying on the field and in training, when their bodies needed maximum bloodflow…
    But my time and last three years have been spent getting an education.

    The Coming Battle – 2014 focussed merely on the regular banking and economic collapses, that my former time as a Business Studies & Computing Lecturer had made me question.

    The book, self published from a company subsequently bought by Amazon, meant it mysteriously disappeared from the web-site search algorithm, unless you happen to have the precise location URL…

    The Coming Battle -2014
    – On Barnes & Noble.

    My blog…
    Moneymatterstoo. Episode 1

    I wish you well in your endeavours.

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