Counting COVID Cases; Not Counting “COVID Deaths”

Zero Hedge Reports on the Change
In COVID Reporting
Is it Deaths or is it Cases?

This report from Zero Hedge [1] tells us that the “public health” authorities have once again changed the COVID narrative to cover-up the damage they are doing to humanity.

“[D]o you know how many people in the United Kingdom officially died with (not of) the coronavirus yesterday?

It’s 12. … You probably didn’t hear about that, because sometime in the last five weeks or so the media completely stopped using the word “deaths”, and started talking only about “cases”.

A “case” is anyone who tests positive for Sars-Cov-2, using the notoriously unreliable PCR tests which produce huge numbers of false positives.

Even supposing the positive test is real, the vast majority of “cases” are asymptomatic. Between false positives, unreliable tests and asymptomatic infection, a “case” count for sars-cov-2 is borderline meaningless.

Let’s say there are symptoms AND a positive test, and assume they’re not just a false positive who has a cold or the flu. Well, even the vast majority of the “symptomatic cases” will only ever be mildly ill. In fact of the 6 million active cases in the world, only 1% are considered severely ill. The majority of them will survive.

The CDC estimates the infection fatality ratio of Sars-Cov-2 to be about 0.26%. A number perfectly in line with severe flu seasons. Virtually every country in Europe is now reporting average, or even below average, mortality.

Note that last point:  with people locked-down and, we believe, not seeing their doctors for standard medical treatment (including, of course, vaccines) the mortality rate is decreasing.  This is in line with examples from past years where there were health care strikes in several European socialized medical systems and during the strikes the death rate declined.

The same, we previously reported, [2] is happening in the USA with regard to childhood mortality.  Those “well child visits” to the doctor for vaccines are not happening and less children, hundreds a week, are dying.  Now that’s a benefit of the lock-down…



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