Kudos to MI Students Who Rejected Big Brother Health Monitoring!

Massive Student Backlash Forces Oakland U to Drop Real Time Medical Surveillance Device

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, August 18, 2020

My congratulations to the student body of Oakland University.  Their school obviously felt that it had a right to determine whether their health statistics passed muster to allow the students on campus through a highly intrusive monitoring program.  The students said the three most important words a free person can utter, “Dont” “You” “Dare!” and the school backed right down!

Thank you, Students.  Good job!

Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI, was forced to drop plan to  hatched out a plan to require students to wear a “BioButton” while they are on campus to supposedly “track whether or not they have COVID-19). The students’ response was to refuse to wear the mandated BioButton.

The tracking device, worn on the chest, is made by Colorado-based med-tech  BioIntelliSense, is a single use, wearable  device that monitor’s your vital statistics (heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature). The device can be connected to the wearer’s Smartphone.

In a now-deleted post on their website, the university said. “It provides additional information for health screening,” and “The button will be used in conjunction with the daily health assessment to determine if you are able to participate in campus activities. The individual data will remain private to the wearer and is not shared with others.”

The university’s chief research officer, David Stone,  said using the BioButton provides  several advantages for residents, including s the device’s ability to notice abnormalities in people’s vital signs before they even take a test for COVID-19. “That would limit the potential for outbreaks on campus, and that’s what we’re looking for,” said Stone.

Privacy violation and the possibility of their data being stolen by BioIntelliSense were of great concern to many of the students but Stone claims that the university doesn’t even have access to their health information.

Instead, the BioButton rates whether a person is on “green alert” or “red alert.” People whose status is green are free to go about their business. But a “red alert” will trigger a call from the university’s health services department to ask them questions about their health.

Stone also pointed out that the BioButton would be helpful for the university’s contact tracing efforts because it can tell people if they have had significant contact with somebody who tested positive for COVID-19.


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