COVID-19 CDC Testing: FAIL!

Look What New York State Told
Dr. Rima About COVID-19!

New York’s medical establishment has written to all NY doctors.  Bottom Line:  CDC COVID-19 Testing is a failure!

And while you’re at it, “it’s not too late” to get the flu shot!

Yes, you can read that right at the end of the letter! NY’s top allopathic doc thinks an immune-system suppressing vaccine is going to somehow (no science here!) help you deal with COVID-19, a disease that is known to target the old, the immune-compromised and those with underlying disease!

You know what advanced, holistic physicians, like me, recommend:  support your natural immunity through plenty of rest, proper nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.  Certainly take Vitamin C and Vitamin D, and make sure you have enough Nano Silver 10 PPM

That’s what I rely upon to be prepared.

Yours for health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD




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